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Part 49: Phanto is born

So, Holly. What did the internet decide on?

They want us to kill Galvatron and have his body fused to Megatron's to raise some kind of hideous defilement of nature.

Awesome. Let's get to it.

Yo! Frankenstein! Make me a new monster, and if it's another golem I will feed you to it.

To the right are all the possible monsters that will come from merging Galvatron and Megatron. I'm no geneticist, but apparently even the slightest bit of monster DNA can result in creating a totally new monster when fused together.

That's not how genetics works!

Tell it to my new monster. Maestro, if you please...

Hooray! It's a big block of ice.


At last, I have an awesome monster! A floating cape and mask made out of solid stone.

Oh, screw you. He is awesome and I will hear no badmouthing of him.

At least it doesn't have one unblinking eye...

...yOu RAnG...?


I think I will dub him... Phanto. No one shall take keys under his watch.

So what are we going to do with, er... Phanto?

Good question! And I think we know who has the answer.