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Part 52: Phanto eats the E Cup

Since Norman's asleep right now, it looks like I get to write today. Neat!

I think Phanto is powerful enough to win the Official E Cup. Maybe even more than that.

First up was that green doggy that keeps getting beaten up. I think someone is breeding them by the dozen.

Phanto's cape moved around as if it were in a great breeze. Then, just like that, the match ended. At least half of the people in the audience had a look of horror on their faces. Maybe they were very big fans of Byoon.

The next opponent was Ragar, the yellow dinosaur.
He is but a small stepping stone on the path of The Resurrection. Once the six lost relics are combined, His body shall be free once more from The Castle Of The Damned.

His body shall be consumed with the soul of the great warriors who sealed Him. He shall grant power to those who follow Him, and death to those who defy. Woe to the unbelievers! The hearts of the righteous will be torn asunder and the heavens shall weep in His glorious presence!

Wow, the next opponent was really scared. I wonder why... Oh, that was the last match? I wonder where the time went?

But Phanto still won! He's such a good monster. I'm going to give him a cookie.

Hee hee! I knew you'd like it. Norman finally got out of bed today. He was still feeling a little down, so I suggested he go hunting. This would be his first trip without a golem.

Norman came home with all the color drained from his skin. He would only mumble that he saw Phanto's "true face", then went right back to bed. I hope he isn't coming down with something.

I can't really do much to train Phanto without Norman's help. So I'll send him back to the training center until he starts to feel better.

Every night, instead of meditation, Phanto would try to destroy the moon.

And every night, instead of the moon, his ball of energy would destroy one hut within the village below.

The lawsuits are piling up, but I can't seem to make Phanto stop. Every employee I send to bring him down the mountain ends up committing suicide. I would blame it on Phanto, but they don't actually kill themselves until they are in my office. This is starting to affect my work.

After one month, he finally came back down. It appears as though his attempts to blow up the moon were merely target practice for a new attack he learned.

Flash bomb looks pretty powerful! I can't wait to see him try it out. And you know what else?


Norman? What's wrong?


You really need to stop taking so many drugs.

I did! I swear to god I've been clean for months! Ever since we made that... that thing... my life has been getting worse and worse. I don't know how much longer I can take it.

...Holly? Holly, why are you staring at me like that?

Raise The Master well, and you will be rewarded with eternal life within Him upon the end of the world. Phanto ftagn! Ia! Ia!

What the fuck?!

I said that now is a good time to focus on training Phanto.

Oh... of course you did... Holly, I think I'm getting sick.

Well, why don't you decide what we should do with Phanto for the next few months, then get some rest at a nice clinic? I'm sure I can take care of things while you're gone.