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Part 53: Holly and Phanto go to the circus

Norman's gone on a well-earned vacation. He'll be back soon.

Thanks, Sideshow Charlie!

In the meantime, I will take over the duties of raising Phanto. But first...

All for Holly! All for Holly! Now how about a trip to the circus, Phanto?

I wonder why they have to get a new assistant every time they do that trick... Oh well, time to pick carrots!

Hee hee! Why are you floating so high up there, Phanto? Stop being silly and go do some deliveries.

I feel this strange urge to send him back to the circus.

That really is weird that they keep changing assistants for Phanto every time. Nobody ever says a word about it. I think I'm going to have to investigate this.

I like the circus!

Hey, it's a coupon for training!

Otherwise, I'm just going to spend all the money on taffy again. I'm... I'm not good with budgeting.

The suicide rate is gaining more each day. It's like, double what it was before we started taking care of Phanto. Before, they used to at least leave notes about the working conditions... But now all they leave behind is a corpse with its eyes clawed out, as if they were desperately trying to stop seeing something.

On the plus side, I'm saving a ton of money on life insurance policies. They don't include self-inflicted injuries, you know.

And then, Phanto finally hit the moon. There is a noticeable chunk missing from it now. I would bill you for that if I could somehow prove ownership of the moon. Consider yourself lucky.

Phanto! No more blowing up the moon, understand? That was very wrong!

Aww, I'm sorry I yelled at you. Let's go to the circus!

I keep thinking I'm forgetting to do something. Visit someone... Go see... Go... Go to the circus! That's right, I was supposed to take Phanto to the circus.

Oh, Norman! You're back! How was the clinic?

You ever play Silent Hill?

I saw a poster for the movie once.

...Nevermind. How's Phanto?

We've been going to the circus. He's ever-so-good.

I'm... I'm sure. Thank god I had the forethought to take as many pills as I could stuff into my pockets.

Oh my gosh! There's a couple of tournaments this month. I think we should consider entering Phanto. We could definitely use the money.

What happened to the $3000 I left you with?

Um... Training expenses.

TRAINING EXPE- no... I'll be calm. I will have a blue pill and I will relax. I will not get stressed out and see any imaginary demons.

We will poll the people on the internet to see if Phanto will fight in any tournaments, and which ones. I will be downing a bottle of vanilla-flavored vodka and watching re-runs of The Facts Of Life while we wait.