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Monster Rancher

by Mr. Swoon

Part 59: Raising a rock

Well, Swoon said we could contribute as we liked, so Chuuurls and I are back for more wild monster action...

The months after the IMA/FIMBA International Meet were a difficult time for me.

Colt was recovering at a "hospital" in Togle, and to be honest, in the shape she was in she wouldn't have been much help anyway. I was left alone on the ranch with no monster and no assistant to force me to get a new monster. Idle hands are the devil's playground, they say...well, not to mention I still wasn't allowed back in the Shrine until they finished mopping up the enormous mess Clot's creation had left.

My thoughts began to drift from monster breeding, and I found myself thinking more and more about how I would achieve my revenge on Norman Swoon, the man who had humiliated me at the Meet. I grew almost obsessed with him.

I studied the places he went, the people he knew, even the magazines he read. And slowly but surely, a plan began to form in my mind.

Before we had left the IMA region, the administration of the Meet had been kind enough to return the remains of Clot to us in the form of a glass jar. I'd kept it on my desk as a reminder of how Swoon had wronged me, and hours upon hours of staring at it had ingrained it in my mind. This, along with my newfound understanding of Swoon's weaknesses, helped my plan develop even further. Some might say the fumes helped as well. Clot was a very smelly dog, ahd he continued reeking even after death.

It was after I heard of a new monster being raised at Swoon's ranch that I finally decided it was time for action. He had a monster of utter destruction, and he had simply thrown it away, replaced it with something that would without a doubt grow even more powerful. I could not let this go on. Swoon would have to pay before he bred something that destroyed the universe itself. I was not mad. Swoon was mad. The IMA was mad. The WORLD was mad.

I could not wait any longer. That very night, I took the jar of Clot and snuck out to the Shrine. It was easy to make my way to the inner chamber so the first phase of my plan could begin. From my research, I knew that Swoon had used the Persona 3 soundtrack to generate Megatron, one of his most famous monsters. Thus, I knew that using my copy of Persona for the PSX would create a powerful weapon to use against him. I threw the disc with reckless abandon into the Shrine, and gasped with wonder as a monolith exactly like Swoon's appeared.

At first, this seemed ideal, but then I realized that it wasn't enough. I named the monolith Odysseus - I can't remember why, perhaps the rancid stench of Clot goo was getting to me - and took it along with me to the Lab. Breaking in was as easy as sneaking into the Shrine; I simply grabbed Odysseus and used him to smash a window, then went right in. I proceeded to the back room, where the freezing chambers were stored, and there, I threw the jar of Clot and Odysseus into seperate chambers and froze them both.

With the miraculous technical know-how possessed by desperate people like myself, I hooked up both chambers and hit the fusion switch. My mouth hung open as, moments later, the true instrument of my revenge emerged.

It was a hound as black as the night, as black as my soul, as black as the nightmares that I would unleash upon my nemesis. I smiled. The only thing it was missing was a name, and I knew just the thing. My new dog would be named after the one thing that Swoon feared more than anything else in this world.

Norman Swoon, sleep lightly, for Sobriety knows no mercy.