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by Mr. Swoon

Part 6: Checking out the trainers

Holly! There's a retard at the door! Go take care of him.

I'm coming...

He was a postman. He gave us this.


From FIMBA? I wonder... Yes! I thought it may just be it.

It's not a bomb?

This is level up notification!

Do they actually call it "level up" or is that all you?

A breeder's rank shows how skilled he is. Norman, you're on your way. Becoming a master breeder is every breeder's dream! We must work hard.

Speak for yourself. I didn't even know what a breeder was a couple of months ago. Speaking of hard work, we've got a monster to whip into shape.

First, a nap to get his energy back after the tournament. Then, it's back to the mines with him.


Do you want to punish him?

YES! He must be taught a lesson.

Are you sure? I mean, he took down a team of armed men at the tournament.

And that's why you're not going to hit him. I realized that he's too stupid to feel pain, so I built a method to hurt him psychologically: The Box.

Do I want to know what that is?

Probably not, or else you'd be legally obligated to report it.

Good enough. All right, into the box with him.

Dirt McGirt feels sorry.

Success! The Box works! Now go pull some shopping carts.

Attaboy. Maybe you'll be able to pull your weight in the mines, too.

Maybe we should look into hiring a professional trainer?

Eh. Fine, I guess.

Can I help you?

Oh my god we've traveled to the '70s


Seriously, he looks like one of The Carpenters.

We'd like to look at your training packages, please.

.... This is your first visit here, right? We provide training services for a fee. Training is 4 weeks. Your monster is away for that time. For safety, he only trains on appropriate courses.

Okay, so what do we get for sending him here? Besides your lovely mutton chops.

He will gain more stats here than he would doing regular work, and there is a chance he will learn a new move if he passes every course. The fee is $2000 for our basic courses. Here is what we have to offer:

We'll get back to you later.

Jesus H. Christ, $2000?! The fleabag's only earned me half that so far. I guess it's something to consider later on.

Incidentally, here are his current stats. I think we're going to need to spend a few months working him up. So what kind of jobs would you guys like to see him try?