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Monster Rancher

by Mr. Swoon

Part 62: Vandalized!

I guess we'll call him Kilroy.

Is this another reference I don't get?

I dunno, probably. Just get that thing the hell away from me for a while. Send it cart pulling, or something.


...What the fuck was that?

I- I don't know...

He was riding a giant chicken, right?

I hope so, otherwise I think I might be going insane, too.

Maybe we should try something that doesn't involve him pulling things. I'll take him hunting. Maybe I can "accidentally" shoot him...

I shot the deer, so I guess that was a success. But the whole time, Kilroy would not stop dancing in place with that rattle. I took it away, but he just pulled out a new one. Just being around this thing is making me very tired.

He sleeps with his eyes open.

I know, I'm scared too.

Maybe... maybe he can do some gardening without doing anything weird.

Oh thank you, Baby Jesus.

Do you think he'd do some fruit picking just as normally?

Worth a try...

Where does he even keep that thing?!

I don't know! I searched all over the place, but no chicken-cycle in sight.

Just get him away from me! Put him on guard duty, or something. Maybe he can creep out some ninjas.

Um. Are you ok Holly?

It's just that Kilroy is so exhausting.

Well then, would you like to do the honors of cramming him into The Box? Animal abuse is surprisingly energizing.

And I feel great!

Animal abuse: It does a body good. Just not the animal's.

I think we could still stand to have a little time free from Kilroy's rape of the laws of physics.

I'd make a rape joke, but I am above such things.

No you aren't.

You're right, but let's send him packing anyway.

...Did that thing just ride around on a giant chicken?

No, seriously. Did that monster just go speeding along the cliffs on a giant chicken with wheels? Oh, forget it. I need some rest. And your stupid little thing learned a new skill.

Where does he keep getting those rattles?

I don't even care anymore.

You know what? Neither do I. Let's just get the internet to pick his schedule. Then we can get drunk behind the shed, and throw rocks at passing traffic.

If it's all the same to you, I think I'll just stay home and read.