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Monster Rancher

by Mr. Swoon

Part 7: Power training and Dirty learns to sit

All right, Holly! We're gonna set Dirt McGirt on a strict training regimen for the next few months. Nothing but power building exercises and trips to the mine. Speaking of which...

You stupid goddamn dog! How hard is it to pull a friggin' mine cart? Holly, put him in The Box.

Dirt McGirt is very sorry.

That's more like it. Now we have a lot of old women with platinum credit cards that need your help! Get to it.

That's more like it, Dirty! Now let's see if you can pull your weight in the mines.

Much better! But that's enough mining for now. We still have to pump up your power some more. I've found some people that are building pyramids for some reason. They want to be as authentic as possible in doing it, but now that human slavery is illegal, they have to resort to monsters. And that's where you come in.

Good dog. But that was just one brick out of thousands, so back to work.

No! I said "back to work" not "go take a nap in the field"!

Into The Box with you!

You're really getting the hang of this, Holly.

I feel like Hitler.

Now, now. We haven't even had the chance to gas and experiment on him yet.

...When did he learn how to sit?

He looks as confused by it as you do. Oh! We have a visitor! I'll be right back.

Holly, you... you DO that's a dinosaur, right?

Have a nice day! He gave us a letter.

If it's from tell them I'll mail their cheque on Monday.

NOTICE: Training Fees Reduced. Training... Maybe it's time.

Can't argue with junk mail delivered by a dinosaur. We're shipping Dirt McGirt off to train for Christmas. The choices remain the same as they were last time we visited that nerd guy. Where should Dirty train this month, goons?