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Part 74: Wikipedia and the sea

Well Santa, normally I'd say no and give you a playful shivving, but this time I think we'll-

Norman! Come quickly! Someone vandalized your Wikipedia page!


The last edit looks to have been done by an S. Krote.

Damn you, scrote! Oh my god, I have to fix this right away.

But... But the buried treasure...

Shh. Wikipedia.



But the-



I think you hurt his feelings.


Right, Wikipedia. Sorry. I'll just go take Francis training.

Hello, um... Hello! Can you take Francis swimming, please?

Sure thing, Miss Holly!

Francis has taken to the water like a... Like a black demon thing to water, I guess.

During his trips to the beach, he would watch fat little children cry to their parents for ice cream. He somehow learned how to turn that into an attack.

Well now, I guess I'll have to add that to his wiki page.

Before you do that, we have another milestone to add.

Oh good christ no.

Why must you rip apart my soul, woman?

Francis looks pleased.

If you say so. In the meantime, we should send him off to sea again.

You're not smuggling again, are you?

Look, maybe I just want to send my heavily armed monster to international waters for his health. Did you ever stop to think that? Hmm?

You're right, I'm sorry.

Good. Now help me make him swallow these condoms full of illegal fireworks.

Do you think I could buy some M-80's? I like to blow up pumpkins sometimes.

No? Oh... I understand. Oh, and your monster learned how to play the electric guitar during his little trip.

Fucking. Metal. Now let's make him dropkick trees for no good reason.

Holly, what kind of fruits are those?

I don't know.

What? Why not?!

I dunno. I just don't.

You are so useless, Holly.

Oh sure, that you know. But indigenous fruits of the region? BUPKIS!

Are you going to enter Francis or not?

Let me think...