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Part 76: The Moors

Yo, Nerdy-G!


Take Frankie here, and leave him under a waterfall for one month.

Ah yes, our speed training! Excellent choice.

You mean Norman wasn't joking?

No, ma'am. Our research shows that showers make monsters fast. This is irrefutable.

If you say so... I guess.

Normally, one cannot gain that kind of power without training on the moon for 50 years, or gathering all the chaos emeralds. For Francis, all he had to do was get a little wet.

While this did make him much faster, he was unable to learn any new attacks.

You fuckin' pussy! Off to the circus with you! And don't come back until you've killed every last clown and elephant.

Oh crap.



Okay, so let's go get some- Stop that!

If I buy you some taffy, will you stop staring at the dinosaur?

Yes please!

I think I was hoodwinked. Anyway, it's about time for Frank to make his postal rounds.

Alright, already! We'll raise his defense! Anything to make him stop doing that.

Francis took well to the desert heat. It may be because of his Moorish blood.

I was just censured for saying that. But it's true! Look at his large, muscular, Moorish thighs! He could run marathons or hurl spears for-- hey! Let go of me!

Why do I care?

Because he's a fellow human being who has been hurt?

Ahahahahahahaha! Oh, that's a good one. But seriously.

Well, we can't train Francis without him.

Pfft. So we can just throw him some odd jobs until the nerd recovers.

I thought I told you to stop doing that.

The nerd...?

No, Francis.

Or else!

Alright! Alright! Just put down the crowbar!

I mean it this time! You'd better not let him get hurt!

Fine! Jesus! So we'll just have to figure out what jobs to give him next that won't end with me getting bludgeoned by a little girl.