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Part 8: Dirty hits the training center

Hello, how may I he-oh god it's you

We're here to take advantage of your little coupon, nerdlinger.

We'd like to send Dirt McGirt here to Tonga for a month.

Very well, then. He doesn't bite, does he?

Biting should be the last thing you worry about from him. Have fun training, Dirty!

And so, Dirt was sent running back and forth through a field all night, every night for four weeks.

Most of the time, he managed to do his run successfully, gaining more skill along the way. Each morning, he would sit on a cliff overlooking our center and stare at my bedroom window. When I'd look out, I could feel his eyes piercing me.

However, one night he just collapsed. It might have been from exhaustion, or it might have been the sedatives I slipped into his feed to keep him from mauling me in my sleep. Because he didn't finish training for all four weeks, he wasn't able to learn a new attack.

You did your best, Dirty. At least he's gained some more skill, right Norman?


You can't do that to him! He's exhausted! Just look at him yawn!

That's kind of disturbing, actually. But fine, we'll let him rest.

Feeling better, Dirty? Good. Now go pull some shopping carts until I tell you to stop.

There are a couple of tournaments this week. It might be a good way to test Dirt McGirt's training.

Not bad. We could use the money. The Winter D Cup has a CD Fragment, too. That might have some nifty monster on it. One that can actually mine, unlike a CERTAIN SOMEONE. If I put him in the E Cup, he'd win for sure but what little fame he has will take a hit. With D Cup, I have no idea if he'd stand a chance against his opponents.

Since I hate making choices, which tournament do you guys think I should send him to?