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Part 80: Clay dolls and Android Hell

Alright, Santa! We'll go! Stop stalking me!


One trek through the desert later...

Fucking metal. Francis, write a song about that right now.

That is not what I asked you to do.

Really? Why don't you read the monster's name?

All right. Let's see here... Karnblowstoads?

Read it slower.

Karn blows- oh, that is just immature.

Guys? The expedition?

Oh fine. Let's get digging.

Crap. Toss it.

Toss it.

More junk! Where the fuck are the Henger arms?!

Oh, is that what we're looking for? They're just over here.

Oh. Well, that was easy.

Looks like you have all of the Henger limbs. If you can win that head in the next invitational, you'll be able to build your own robot.

And then we can feed it your flesh.

Excuse me?

I said we'd better get training!

Oh, and here's an invitation. I have a pile of these things from the government.

Thanks, Karn!

Now keep your end of the bargain.

Yes, yes. Your family will be returned to you in the morning.



But what if I want to build up his-

No! Bad!

Ow! My nose! Fine. We'll just make him work in the meantime.

And of course, no day is complete without a little mining.

Shit! I forgot again! Run for the hills, Frank!

Where did he learn to do that?

Oh hey, no time to answer that! We have an invitational to wreck.

The stadium was packed. Everyone sat in awe of the opponents. My masked master of metal on one end...

And a killer robot on the other.

I really don't think I've pumped his intelligence enough.

I think I broke something, because his willpower rose really fucking fast. I'd swear I was cheating if I didn't know I wasn't.

Even without that, the match was over before it started. No robot can withstand Frankie's mind bombs.

That's right. And guess who's going to put them together?

An old man that you've somehow omitted from our lives?

Nope! All you, girl. And if you break anything I will bash your skull in with the remaining parts.

Focus on the task at hand. Re-assemble a killer robot from ancient spare parts, and be quick about it.

There. It took 3 solid days without food or rest, but I did it.

Why is it so small?

It's just a model. According to one of the FIMBA guides I read, you have to infuse the doll with spirits summoned from the Necronomicon in Reno.

We have to go back there again?

Only if we want a Henger. The doll will keep for a long time until then.

Well, I guess that'll be for another day. Maybe. In the meantime, we need to decide what kind of training to give Francis before the next official tournament.