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Part 6: Torn Apart (1)

The first two games were dark at times, and even featured a couple of character deaths, but they certainly never went to this extreme.

Hinawa's death, though heavily foreshadowed, still comes out of nowhere simply based on the previous games and the light-hearted romp of the earlier part of the game. It bites even harder witnessing this after Flint gave his all for his friends during the forest fire.

Hinawa's death is big, but as others have mentioned, it's Flint's reaction that really gets to you. He completely loses it, unable to handle the loss of his wife in a town unaccustomed to death and sadness.

Itoi said he got big reactions from people who named Hinawa after their own mothers. Plus, it's kind of a big deal in a game series called Mother when a mother actually dies.

And of course it's going to be hard for the children, especially Lucas who is obviously shy and timid, relying heavily on his mother for comfort and guidance.

Flint must have a lot of guilt too, choosing to stay home rather than join Hinawa and the kids to her father's place. If only he'd been there...

But it's too late to change any of that now. Hinawa is dead, and we have to live with the lot we're given.

Remember, no crying until the end. I can't promise you it'll be easy.

You have the honor of being the first.

You gave Ollie and Abbot a real walloping, but they're alright now.

Though it may not seem like it, I'd like to imagine Flint feels horrible about what he did to those two and wants their forgiveness.

Still, why would a Drago attack someone? They're such friendly creatures...

I know you must be having a hard time with this, but try and get some sleep. The Drago fang that was stuck in Hinawa's chest... I'll hold on to it for you. When you get outta here, come drop by my house and get it. Don't forget, now.

And so Flint finally rises.

Being a jail, of course, there's little to actually do.

At least Claus seems to be in good spirits, at least after all he's been through.

but he's been crying at Mom's grave all this time.

The core... The core might be too hard to eat, but be SURE you eat it!


Claus is putting on a brave face, but it's obvious he's still hurting from the loss of his mother.

Meanwhile, Flint is hurting from taking a bite into that apple.

Oh, Claus.

And so the only person to ever get locked up in Tazmily Jail manages to break out. And no one will really care.

I'm not really sure what to say... What happened to Hinawa was a terrible tragedy... I can't say I know how you're feeling.

Lucas has been crying at her grave ever since.

If there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know anytime.

With that bit of encouragement, we're now free to explore the town.

Many of the townspeople are at Hinawa's burial site right now though, so most of the houses are empty. Still, we can actually explore them now. And there are some people scattered about.

Like Lou and Bud, trying to lighten the mood by practicing their comedy shtick.

"What are we, a freak show?!" seems better than "What are we, sea otters?!" Or, no, maybe it doesn't. "What are we, sea otters?!" has more edge to it.

Keep trying, guys.

One of the houses has a bunch of birds in it. There are also similar birds on the beach. They don't actually talk to you though, even telepathically.


Hmm? That's not what you need? Oh, Claus and Lucas? I believe they're at the Sunset Cemetery, north of the village.

That's our next destination, after we explore a bit.

Come stop by our place!

The following music plays whenever you enter most of the buildings.

She can make a cookie with one, and she can make bread with three. It's really yummy stuff!

I'm sure that's what Hinawa wants, too.

I wasn't able to actually get Caroline to bake stuff for me, but it's not a big loss since my inventory's overflowing with food anyway.

H-have you eaten?

Please just forget that you hit me. I'm going to forget about it. Compared to your pain, this is nothing at all.

Abbot and Ollie don't hold anything against you. So please don't be worried.

That's a relief, at least.

But... But I had to come back home.

Bronson doesn't seem to mind we broke out of jail, so distraught he is over the funeral.

Anyways, this is the village bazaar. If you need anything, just go ahead and take it.

The bazaar offers free items, though what you get is random.

The Flea Charm and the Running Bomb are guaranteed for your first visit, and occasionally the loot will reset from plot stuff. Rarely you may see the Better Stick, which is Flint's ultimate weapon, but I didn't bother save scumming for it.

But, at the very least, please be a strong father in front of your children, okay?

Last stop in the town center is the mayor's house.

I wasn't the one who decided to place you in that jail cell. Really, it wasn't me!

Large place full of people.

I'm very open-hearted, you see.

At least neither of them hold our actions against us.

Something not right's happening to this village. I can feel it.

You weren't the one who taught my cute little Myrna all those unsavory words, were you?

I'm alive! I'm plenty alive, dagnabbit!

There are pigs and cows about now in the southeastern ranch area.

(I'm a pig, but I don't know any secret MOTHER 3 info that only pigs know...)
(There's actually secret, behind-the-scenes info about MOTHER 3 that only pigs know...)

Secret MOTHER 3 info, eh?

(We drool a lot, we do.)
(Oops, I'm drooling.)

( what frogs say, right?)

Only one other person to talk to on the right side of town.

It's truly hard to bear when younger ones pass away first.

Take it with you.

We can get an infinite supply from behind Wess's house, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

I have an inkling of where you're off to. But your life's not the only one at risk here. Old Nippolyte is getting up there in years. Don't make him dig another grave.

Well, time to head north towards the cemetery.

You really lost it during that wild outburst of yours. I know you had your reasons, but it's wrong to act out your aggressions on others.

Everyone loved Hinawa...

People have the power to forget.

Up north is our destination.

And this is the man who dug our wife's grave.

Words fail me...

Your wife's resting in it right now, but when the time comes, you'll be able to rest right beside her. It's a top-notch grave, it is.

Indeed, there are many such top-notch graves here.

And many not-so-top-notch graves.

Other grave descriptions include...

"A good, quality grave."
This appears to be a new type of grave.
"I leave the rest to you now."
This gravestone is unusually wobble.
"Life is too short to act gravely."
"A great-grade gray grave."
"A grave of grave consequences."
"A grave grave."

That sure is a lot of graves. Let's talk to some people who aren't graves.

When I called out to him as he was leaving, he gave a tiny little smile...and suddenly dashed off...

Even so... *sniffle* *sob*


She barely even got to live life! Wouldn't you agree? I can't not drink at a time like this...

Hinawa was always so kind to my wife. ...I wish I could say more for you, but I've never been at such a loss for words...

As far as we know, No.

But he said we wouldn't see each other for a while... When is "a while"? Tomorrow?

You two loved each other so much that even the little birds in the forest were jealous.

And here's the rest of the town, including poor Lucas.

I was just trying to remember what sunflowers symbolize... Because Hinawa really loved them.

...Good question.

Please cheer up...I'm, umm...I'm sure Hinawa...I'm sure she's...up in the sky now...Waaaah!

I'm sorry you have to suffer such sadness...

That's the town, just Lucas and Alec left.

I thought you said anything could come true, as long as we prayed from the bottom of our hearts?!

That breaks my heart more than anything else so far.

Time to talk to Hinawa's father.

I haven't been to the village in a while, but I rushed straight here after I heard about Hinawa.

I made this a GIF because that pause also breaks my heart.

He said he was going to see you, but then never came back...

Lucas! It's not good to keep secrets from people! Don't tell me Claus went after that detestable Drago to try to...

It's a good thing you raised him to be honest, Flint!! Does Claus honestly think a homemade knife can kill a Drago?!

Well... I said I wanted to go too, but he said no because he was going alone...

Maybe that was a little too harsh of me... Flint.

We're in a race against time, but this can't be any ordinary Drago we're dealing with here. We're gonna need the proper equipment first!

Next time, we prepare ourselves to rescue Claus.