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Part 11: Osohe Castle (2)

Today we're going to finish Osohe Castle. In fact, we're nearly done with the place, though there's still some new enemies to meet.

And unlike most enemy encounters, you want to fight two of these guys at a time.

These guys are susceptible to crying, which is good because these guys can be tough.

Can be, as if you're fighting two of them they'll usually (but not always) joust with each other instead. They hit pretty hard though, so having them help you kill them is pretty handy.

The penultimate room has Barrel Men from before, and one last new enemy if you're unlucky.

Pseudoors will attack if you open one of the two middle doors.

They hit hard for a few turns before going into a defensive stance. Of course, they don't actually attack in this phase, giving you plenty of time to break them down.

Defeating them doesn't lead to any new rooms, though.

Since we're almost at the boss, let's take one last dip in the hot springs to recover our strength.


On the way back, I get more Rotten Eclairs and trade them for Beef Jerky. Now Duster's set on healing items.

To the boss!

Well, alright then.

Obviously can't get through that chaos. Let's talk to this mysterious conductor.

The music I am playing is "Family Matters, 2nd Movement".


It's nice and all but we don't really have time for this.

No thanks, we're a thief and-

Mr. Passion has a really beefy 630HP, and rather high offense as well.

But as the artistic type, he is easily moved to tears by various pieces of art, such as the thief art of throwing a smoke bomb into his face.

Mr. Passion will also get swept up into the music, distracting himself during the battle.

Other times he'll swat Duster for interrupting during the performance. No need to be so rude, Duster.

In fact, Duster can get so rude that Mr. Passion will forget he's not in a wrestling ring and throw a chair at him.

Of course, Duster gives as good as he gets.

Mr. Passion's passion will boost his offense up so he can passionately beat Duster with his passion for beating.

Mr. Passion can also do a multi-attack, which can add up with three hits each, but each of those can also miss due to Mr. Passion being a big crybaby.

In the end, though, the power of music is no match for the power of kicking a guy over and over.

With Mr. Passion redisposed of, everything calms down.

(By the way, you can rest on that sofa if you want.)

Free place to restore HP, which you'll probably need after that fight.

Alright, now to grab what we came here for.


Now that we've gotten what we came here for, let's return to town to celebrate our success.

Apparently it took us all night to conquer the castle, as dawn hits as we leave.

If you're headed out, crossing the drawbridge would be faster and safer than taking this underground passage. Here, I'll give you the Drawbridge Key.

Nah, don't worry about giving it back. Just go on and take it. As long as I got this here underground passage, that'll be enough for me.

I don't know why Nippolyte doesn't just use the drawbridge key to begin with. I guess he just really likes his monster-infested secret passage.

Anyway, now we've got a more direct way to Osohe Castle in the future.

With day upon us, everyone is out and about, eager to talk with us because Duster's a weirdo who never talks with anyone apparently.

I baked some delicious Nut Cookies to try to cheer everyone up. I made too many though, so you can have one.

Pointless considering how much Beef Jerky I have, but it's the thought that counts.

Flint's not around town, it seems.

Anyway, the town's still on edge a bit due to the recent tragedy with Hinawa.

Right now, I'm learning about how to make Omelets-flavored cookies.

I hope she comes back soon...

Being a recluse shut-in, people are concerned about Duster being out doing stuff in the middle of the day. It's weird.

I thought you were the type of man who wakes up at night and sleeps in the morning, but it seems you're trying to be a man who wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night.

How about a man who alternates between sleeping at the night and waking in the morning, and a man who you know what forget it.


And, upon closer look, you're actually surprisingly manly now.

I'm going to do my best to help everyone, too.

Of course, not everyone thinks Duster is a complete total weirdo.

Won't some people think you're trying to steal something if you go into their houses? I don't think you are, though.

That's just messed up.

That look on your face... You're after something, aren't you?

The Bazaar's open now, and like with Flint we can just take stuff for free because why not.

Restores 15HP. Meh.

I hope he's all right...

What am I supposed to do with it?

Seems that mystery man's become kind of a big deal.

I already know! I don't need you to tell me! ...*hic*

Well, if you say so.

so that just makes cramped rooms even more cramped.

See? It's especially scary when he changes direction like that.

Huh? Uh, no.

Why not ask her real quick, then?

And if we say yes...

Whaat?! Why would you ask her about that?!

Welp, probably won't be dealing with this guy anytime soon.

Lucas is still mulling over how things went. Doesn't help that Flint is nowhere around.

Thanks, Reggie.

Meanwhile, they never even bothered to close the jail door.

Something's definitely changed since then.

But now that she's gone... My problems just get worse and worse now.

Everyone's still trying to deal with Hinawa's sudden death.

Can't go exploring the forest because we absolutely must respect ants. It would be disgusting not to.

It isn't healthy to stay out of the sunlight, you know.

Something not right's happening to this village. I can feel it. Actually, something bad could even happen to me, too...

(Come on, now. What a nuisance that guy is. I don't know much about the secret info, personally.)


You better not tell ANYONE about the money I hid in that well!

The cows aren't as obsessed about Mother 3 secrets and therefore are more open to talk about other things.

I mean, you almost seem like a thief, y'know!

Alright, that's the entire town. Let's bring our big grab back to old man Wess.

Okay, let's have a look-see.

Is this...?!

This is the legendary Noble Spittoon, passed down from generation to generation in Osohe...

You call yourself a thief, yet you can't even tell what it is you need to steal?!

Did you bring back any other big jackpot items?! Are you sure you're not just fooling around to try to entertain me? You moron.

Let me have a closer look at that!

But could it be...?

The princess of Osohe Castle.

Your first job was an utter failure. But this is no time to be calling you a moron. I'll come with you this time. We're heading to Osohe Castle at once. Let's hurry to the room the spittoon was in!

Next time, we return to Osohe Castle with Wess in tow to obtain the real treasure of Osohe Castle.