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Part 16: Happiness is a Warm Box (2)

Now we're supposed to head to Osohe Castle with Fassad, but now that we have Fassad there's some new dialogue from some of the townspeople.

Wahh! I see your owner is with you. I didn't notice him there.

Lou says this in addition to his earlier dialogue.

What was this animal called again? A donkey? Kongey? Pong?

If you see anything you need, just feel free to take it. ...Wait a minute, monkey! This makes it seem like I'm talking to you! I'm actually talking to the fellow behind you.

Also, with Fassad, we can now take items from the Bazaar, though of course there's nothing we really want there.

These Happy Boxes of yours really do seem important to have, so much that I wish I could have five or six of my own. But my house is so small and cramped right now that I have to turn down your offer. You understand how it is, right?
I have plenty of happiness just as I am now. So if you have any more for me, then someone else can have mine.
...Oh, Mr. Salesman. I'm sorry I left during your talk earlier. I had remembered something I forgot to do.

Surprised I didn't think to GIF this until now.

Isaac is very impressed by how great of a person Mr. Fassad is.
I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't put any weird ideas into Isaac's head...

I guess living alone in the woods away from everyone will make you feel lonely and depressed. This is probably why the game keeps pushing Isaac in particular when it comes to the Happy Boxes.

I can think of all kinds of things a Happy Box could be. Like, maybe there's happiness inside, or happiness gets sent to it, or it makes you feel happy or something. I think I might already be feeling happier now. Hahahahaha!
I kept watching the pretty light coming from the box we got! And then I suddenly felt uplifted and now I'm REALLY happy!

It probably doesn't help matters that Abbot and Abbey were already pretty loopy in the first place.

Oh, what a cute little boy... I mean, little monkey. Shake! ...Oh, but never mind that. Mr. Fassad, was it? I'd like to ask you more about this "money" thing sometime.
Oh, my! Welcome, little monkey! Shake! And welcome to you, too, Mr. Fassad.

Funny how these two are suddenly welcoming to Salsa now that Fassad's with us.

I really don't have anything interesting to say.

I find the fact that Ollie says he has nothing interesting to say interesting enough to show here. But he really does have nothing interesting to say, though.

Hey there, Happiness Guy. I put that box you gave me inside my hourse, but I guess it doesn't make you instantly happy, huh?

As for Biff and why he's unhappy? Well, his roommates are Butch and Matt, so I think that's good enough.

Do you come from far away?

I forgot to talk to Jonel earlier, so here he is now.

Hey there, monkey. It sort of seems to me like you're being forced around by a bad guy. I can tell these things.

Your generosity really got to me, Mr. Fassad. I'd love to be a follower of yours, if possible.

Poor Isaac, Fassad is probably the closest person he's ever had to a friend.

The tanks have already arrived, and the treasure room to the right has been properly looted by the Pigmasks.

Some guys dressed like pigs went in and are up to no good.

Over here, we find...

The doorknob to Flint's door!


The sound effects indicate it gets washed away in the stream.

C'mon! Let's go! Quit dawdling!

What's going on? Did you find it?!

This is a one-sided conversation, as we only hear Fassad's side.

What? You STILL haven't found it?! Just who are these other intruders?

An old man and a guy with a gloomy feel about him?! Wait, you mean HIM?! The guy with brown hair, a gloomy feel, slightly bad breath, and looks kind of like a bum?! So, where are they now?

What?! They're headed for the top floor?!

Whatever you do, do NOT let them get there first!

There are no enemies or ghosts in this area thanks to the Pigmasks. The Pigmasks themselves have some dialogue as well.

This castle used to be filled with ghosts, but we kicked 'em all out using the power of science!
Other groups are presently in pursuit of the bum-looking guy and his cohorts. We will now continue our search for the item here.
Sir! Mr. Fassad, sir! The item does not appear to be in this room!

Even though I'm super-skilled, they clearly had the upper hand, but I managed to destroy 'em when I unleased my special Spicy Knuckle Attack. ......That bum-looking guy and his cohort beat me senseless, though...

The party room has been crashed due to the pigmasks in there.

We're currently using every resource available to us to locate it...but it still hasn't turned up! ...Hold on, pipsqueak monkey. I'm not talking to you.
There were some sassy ghosts here earlier, holding a lively party. We've used the power of science to stick 'em all in the back room for now.
That bum-looking guy and his cohort headed upstairs after they beat the snot out of us! Only now do I realize that thieves are truly a force to be reckoned with!

The partying ghosts are still here.

I've found a new interest in the power of science. Never mind that I'm a ghost.
First a bum-looking man, and now a monkey. First a bum-looking man, and now a monkey.

Yes, it says that twice.

Do you remember the number of ghosts in here? Memorizing things is a great form of brain-training. Yep.

Oh! A real-life live monkey! Is the person behind you one of those spirits that follow you wherever you go?
Just enough to be burnt is good. Rare is good, too. Just-before-rotten is the best.
Where'd you rent your monkey suit? Did you know I'm not wearing a suit, though?
I'm a piano-playing ghost. I'm absolutely tone-deaf without a piano, so I've decided to stop singing.

And if you try to run in there...

Stop! Monkey! Please don't run in here. It's cramped. Besides, Osohe Castle is so small. Where could you be going in such a hurry?

Finally, one more Pigmask.

For some reason, it smelled like rotten Omelets... I don't care about finding this stupid item anymore...!

Alright, monkey! Let's look elsewhere!

Note that we actually don't have to get here. I think simply leaving the castle as soon as we enter will get the following cutscene.

What?! They fled into the basement?! They have it with them?! Alright! Got it!

There should be an entrance to the basement somewhere inside this castle. Find it!

So, remember the basement, and how it had a similar door to the one in the Spitoon room?

Alright. We go through here. Hey! Stupid monkey! Do something to open it!

Salsa can learn to dance from looking at these drawings. Since Duster couldn't do so, we must assume that Salsa is smarter than Duster. Suddenly, Wess calling Duster a moron so often doesn't seem so weird.

If you press the wrong direction...

Don't be an eyesore!

Luckily, you only have to press a direction once. The second step in that mural corresponds to Salsa's "left" dance, so left is what we want. Our result?


C'mon! Let's get going!

Here is a ghost frog.

Sorry, a not-ghost frog.

A defensive upgrade, nothing exciting.

There's two new enemies in this area.

The Cheery Skeleton's not too bad, he'll just throw bones and dance and stuff. Making him laugh will make short work of him.

Li'l Big Bro is a bit tougher, as he doesn't waste time trying to use PSI like Big Bros. Instead, he just pummels you with regular attacks.

He'll also try to scare you to lower your offense. Making it laugh will stop it, of course.

This entire section is just one largish room with a few enemies and a couple of gift boxes, nothing special.

Even this lever is rather bland and uninspired. Please step up on the excitement levels of the levers in Mother 4, thank you.

Huh? What's this lever for? Hey! Pull this lever!

It's them! They fled into the waterway!

After them! After them! After them! After them! GO AFTER THEM!! No, wait. They're inside. Corner them, is what I said! Contact me the instant you find them!

Let's return to the Yado Inn for now!

So that's it for our trip to Osohe Castle. There's some new dialogue from some of the Pigmasks now.

Sir! Fassad, sir! They don't appear to be inside the castle anymore!
In this castle is an increeeeeeeeeeedibly huge... What was it again...? Well, I forget. But I hear there's something here. Scary, huh?
I WILL make sure I lose sight of them, sir! No, wait! I won't take care NOT to lose sight of them! What I mean to say is that I'm kind of naughty, but I'm not proud of it. Help! I don't know what I'm saying anymore!
Next time! Next time, I WILL make mincemeat out of 'em!

Alright, time to head back.

Of course, while we were gone some sort of argument broke out.

What are you doing?! One of you two, get out of my way!

Hey! You heard Mr. Fassad! Fall back!
He was looking at you when he said it! YOU fall back!

I don't give a damn about any of that! BOTH of you get out of my way, now!!


It's all your fault, you idiot!
He was looking at you when he said it! So you're the idiot, you idiot!
I know you are, but what am I?! You idiot!

Both of you idiots, go find them NOW!!

Just enough time passed during that little mishap that we arrive right where we left off in Chapter 2.

I have done no such thing, nor would I have any need to.

I simply can't believe that someone would steal the money I so humbly gave you! ...Perhaps it's true, then...

We can't allow Tazmily Village to become a dismal hive for evildoers to run amok. We must all seek happiness...or this village will be in grave danger!


Come, now. I'll give you lots and lots of Luxury Bananas later, so let us return to the Yado Inn. Okay, little Salsa?


Hey! Stupid monkey! It seems you still don't understand the situation you're in! If you ever disobey me or try any funny business in the slightest, I'll make sure your beloved girlie monkey winds up in some serious trouble. Remember that!

Next time, the finale of Chapter 3.