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Part 19: The Adventure Begins (2)

Today we'll catch up with the rest of the town and the surrounding areas. Let's start off with a bit of plot.

The rail station is in the middle of the crossroads area. Going to it will trigger Bronson and Jackie jumping off in yellow work uniforms. Since I'm lazy, I'm not going to rip new sprites of these.

But just think about it. No one's seen hide nor hair of Duster since he disappeared three years ago. It's gotta be him.
C'mon, now. That's nonsense!

Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. There's this concert hall named Club Titiboo past the factory, and the bass player there looks kinda like Duster. Jackie here is convinced he's Duster.
But he looks JUST like him...! I really think we should tell old man Wess.
Maybe if we knew for sure, but we'd only wind up disappointing Wess if it turns out we're wrong. The guy we saw just happens to look a lot like Duster. We don't know any more than that. Period.

You took the words right out of my mouth! I'm starving, too!
Well, see ya, Lucas. Tell Flint I say hi.

Next, let's introduce a new gameplay mechanic.

If you have anything you don't need or don't want to carry around, I'll gladly hold on to it for you for free! I'll take great care of any items you give me, and I'll return them to you immediately whenever you want them back! Can I hold on to something for you?

This guy serves the role of Ninten's/Ness's sister in the other games, where you can store excess items with him. And for free! What a helpful guy!

I'm always traveling to one place or another, so if you ever need anything, just let me know anytime!

Alright, time to do some more townspeople stuff.

There's a blue, mobile house over there. That interesting one that looks like it was made with whatever was handy at the time. Do you see it there? And do you see that guy next to it, in the knit cap? Apparently, he'll hold on to any items that are weighing you down. I think it'd be more convenient to leave your cumbersome items with him than to walk around with them everywhere you go. Plus, he does it out of the goodness of his heart, so he doesn't charge any money.

You're Lucas, right? I've heard rumors that you're a crybaby... You don't look like it to me, though.

It's been three years now, I think we've outgrown the whole "crybaby" thing at this point.

I'm a police officer, yeah! I'm going to Club Titiboo to check out a DCMC concert. I wish work would end already...

Remember that real tall guy who used to hang around Cross Road? What was his name again? Beanstalk? Anyway, he was actually so tall that he didn't stand out or seem out of place at all. I haven't seen him lately, though...

Seems poor Leder decided to get up and leave, which is a shame.

I've only heard the rumors, but are you the ones who stock up on food and then walk around without ever eating it? You really do need to eat, you know. You're still young.

I hear there's a place along the tracks where magic butterflies flutter to-and-fro.

This one will choose you a random message from a decent selection. Here's all the ones I found.

- I say we remodel the old ruins of Osohe Castle and turn it into a Tazmily resort facility. (Anonymous)

- If you wanna ride the train, go to the station! You can ride the train if you go to the station! The train speeds along! Along speeds the train! Let's go-go-go to the factory on the train! (Train Station Attendants)

- Is the lightning helping us? Thanks to the lightning, all the dirty, old houses are being cleaned away. So, in a way, the lightning is helping all of us. That's what I think. (From a popular citizen)

- Happy Boxes are the greatest! Now to develop even bigger screens! (Abbot and Abbey)

- I want too bee a Pigmask too. How can I bee wun? I no I can bee a gud wun. Pleese let me bee a Pigmask. Also, I thought Omelets is good. Well, gudbye. (Fried Pork Kid)

- After a hard day's work, there's only one thing to do: spend every last DP you own at Club Titiboo! Club Titiboo is a paradise of music! And other stuff, too! Come see the DCMC in concert, live! (Club Titiboo)

- I have sand in my shoes, and I don't know what to do. Somebody do something! (Nana)

- Why not consider working at the retirement home? Veterans of life are waiting for your kindness. But please stop quitting one after the other. (Retirement Home Director)

- Who in the world IS Leder? Try as hard as I might, I just can't remember anything about him. It's keeping me up at night. (Mike)

- We've been slowly running out of friends at the castle lately. People of Tazmily, please pass away at a faster pace, if you would be so kind. Thanks. (Anonymous Ghost)

- Notice. Scamp has died. That is all. (Staff)

- Select, cheerful police officers wanted. Start a new career as an officer of the Tazmily police force! Do well, and you could even make some Pigmask friends! (Pusher, Tazmily Police Dept.)

- Watch out for Chimeras. Strange animals known as Chimeras seem to be increasing in number lately. They are dangerous. Be careful of them. (From a brave person)

- Show courtesy to Mr. Fassad. There are many ignorant people who complain about him. I think that is a very bad thing to do. "Tazmily is nothing without Mr. Fassad." Please take this to heart. (Isaac)

- "Titiboo News"
DCMC to debut a new song soon?!
Desperado! (Reckless!)
Crash! (Powerful!)
Mambo! (Sensational!)
Combo! (Guys!)
No one can stop the DCMC's momentum now!

How'd they fit all those messages onto that one billboard anyway?

There's a bit more now in this road to the forest.

This lightning somehow doesn't seem natural. That said, I can't imagine there being such a thing as artificial lightning...

Did you even realize that? Though the person who placed this sign here is really the one to blame. Oh, wait. That's me. Sorry 'bout that.

Inside the temple...

Oh, a kid from the village. You're so nice and unsophisticated.

And skipping ahead to Isaac's pad...

Regular ol' mice, run-of-the-mill snakes, and ordinary Dragos... When you think about it, the forest sure was boring until three years ago.

Speaking of the forest...

First off, it's surprising how long that music piece took me to find, since it's not actually in the main song list.

Second, the enemies here are a little...different.

Slitherhens are the weakest and most common enemies in the forest. They don't do much besides attack and attempt to coil around you (i.e. stun a character).

Though it's a bit unnerving.

A Really Flying Mouse is kinda weird, as despite having similar stats to the Slitherhen, it's a lot tougher. Probably its higher defense making it tougher to wear down.

Or maybe it's just that weird.

There's a gift behind this Grated Yammonster, but that foe is beyond our powers right now with its large HP pool. What to do?

Grab it anyway, since these guys can't actually move.

Looks like Lighter's lucking lightning likes, I mean strikes.

Is he visiting her grave again?

And if we visit the mouse on the roof...

Squeak squeak squeeeak. (This house I'm secretly living in got blasted by lightning.)

I've noticed.

The Slitherhen has a small chance of dropping a Fresh Egg. The egg itself isn't that special, though a decent healing food at around 80HP. However, over time it will hatch into a Chick and then a Chicken, which is worth a nice 200DP. You can also buy Fresh Eggs from one of the shops in Tazmily, though I don't know if those will also hatch into Chickens.

You can go all the way up to Alec's house, but I decide not to since there's a lot of tough (albeit slow) enemies in the area. There's a mix of foes from Chapter 1 and new guys, and right now Lucas and Boney aren't really up to the task of fighting against them.

So that's it for the forest for now. We'll come back to it later. Next, let's go visit the cemetery and Osohe Castle.

Apparently lightning struck his house 14 times over the course of three years.

Oh, Lucas. Your old man's always visiting Hinawa's grave.

We can actually explore Osohe Castle, including the basement, though there's nothing there besides basement enemies.

And a few ghosts, though not as many as before.

We partied and partied for so long, but it finally got old. So more and more of us gave up the party life as time went on.

Oh, I'm so very happy you talked to me. Unless we're especially lucky, characters like me without notable personalities often wind up overlooked and ignored. But I'm happy. You talked to me. You've acknowledged me, in other words. Oh, I'm so happy! Here, this is for you!

Uh, thanks? Anyway, talking to this ghost again:

There are certain strangely-shaped rocks that wash up on shores often. All with the same size. People long ago used to think they looked like a potbellied Buddha, so they called them "Potbelly Stones". In actuality, they're dolphin ossicles. An ossicle is an ear bone, just in case you didn't know. They're extremely hard. Apparently, they wash up on shores because they don't dissolve in the ocean. I bet you could find some in the Cerulean Beach area if you looked. This has been Li'l Ghosty's Mini-Trivia Corner!

Yeah sure now please shut up now.

Here, I'll give you an actual dolphin ossicle!

And so she does.

I've been playing this one song for three years straight. It's like it's my fate to keep singing this song. I know it's a bit old at this point, but would you like to hear it again anyway?

It's the same "No-Wall-Staples" song from Duster's chapter, so no need to hear it again.

Wow, I'm surprised you came here. This castle's so boring now I could just die. It WAS the setting for an adventure three years ago, though. But there's been nothing at all since then. Nothing. In fact, if you hadn't come and talked to me just now, today would've been yet another empty day leading into another empty tomorrow. So, how about a leisurely chat? No?! Oh, but I want to talk. No? I see. Okay. Whatever.

Aaaaahhh! I want to cook!

Yes we know the blue gifts have maps shut up already.

This guy will still trade Beef Jerky for Rotten Eclairs. Unfortunately, we don't have a Rope Snake, so this is as far as we're getting here.

As mentioned, Flint spends most of his time either searching for Claus or at Hinawa's grave.

Oh, Lucas.

Wife of Flint. Mother of the twins Claus and Lucas. Daughter of Alec. May the beautiful Hinawa rest in peace here for all time.

Flint left while we were reminiscing. Nothing to do now but head back into town.

Quit ruining this town any more than you already have!

I think you guys are behind it somehow! Leave this instant! Keep your grubby hands out of this town's affairs!

You know, if you keep making the veins on your forehead pop out like that, happiness will only escape you. By which I mean your hair, in this case.

Well, it's been fun. Please be careful not to trip, get hurt, or go bald on your way home.

I'm no bug! I'm an old man!

Don't get in my way!

I really wish you would put a Happy Box in your home already, so you can be happy just like everyone else here.

Fassad certainly still seems a little intimidated by Lucas, which isn't so surprising. But talking to the people in the square now, it seems Wess's opinion is a minority at this point.

I can't believe the nerve of old man Wess... Even after Mr. Fassad spoke to him in such a friendly way...
They're not above using violence against senior citizens, I see.
Oh, you picked up a Dolphin Ossicle for me? Actually, I hear a ghost at Osohe Castle knows a whole lot about them, but I don't think it's worth the trouble to go all the way there and ask her about them. But we don't mind buying some from people every once in a while.
I can understand why it'd be hard for an old man to watch the town he grew up in change more and more. But that wasn't being very considerate of Mr. Fassad at all. In my opinion, old people should just stay inside the old folks' home and drink tea and do whatever it is old people do.

Yeah, it's not like old people are people or anything.

Spent enough time in the forest to get the Shirt and two Hats.

Anyway, speaking with Wess will advance the plot.

But curse that Fassad, treating me like a bug! ...Like a stag beetle!

Could that moron still be... Lucas!! I'll now lower my voice and talk to you in a whisper!

Fassad's cronies are on the lookout for me, so I can't go anywhere or do anything. Please. Find that moron for me.

If you do find Duster, send this dove to let me know.

Thanks, Lucas. I'd go myself, but everyone's on the lookout for me.

Before we set out, we can talk to Alec again for new dialogue.

Oh, Lucas. How've you been? I was dozing off just now when that really tall fellow at Cross Road appeared in my dream. Do you remember him, Lucas? I wonder what ever happened to him. Where is he now?

Anyway, on to Club Titiboo!

But the conductor's out on the town, so I don't think the train'll be coming back today.


If you REALLY want to go to the factory, then I suggest walking along the train tracks. Don't tell anyone I said that, though.

Fine, we'll just walk down the train tracks and-

I dunno what reasons you got, but it looks like you wanna go through this tunnel, right? I know you won't listen to me if I try and stop you, so here, I'll give you this instead.

Do you know what the most frightening things inside the tunnel are? Nope, they're not Slitherhens or Muttshrooms or anything like that.

Trains are the most dangerous things of all in there. So be very careful not to get hit by any.

Thank you for your concern!

Next time, we'll recklessly walk on train tracks to reach our destination!