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Part 20: The Train to Success (1)

Before we go into the tunnel to Club Titiboo, some of the old Tazmily folk have some new dialogue.

Have you ever heard of the DCMC?

You can answer Yes or No, but your response doesn't change the response.

They're the greatest band to ever play at Club Titiboo! ...Actually, I don't really know who they are. I was just pretending.

You're going to look for Duster? You do know he's the one who stole all of Butch's money, right? I guess it's up to you if you wanna look for him and all, but I'd keep my nose out of other people's business if I were you. You'll only wind up hurting your reputation even more.

There's no telling what's going to happen next, so be careful.

Titiboo sure is popular. Maybe I should visit someday, too. *giggle*

Everyone who works at the factory loves Club Titiboo. But do they admit people who don't work at the factory? I can't remember...

Whoa! You're going to Titiboo?! You're so lucky. I have to stay here and watch the dumb store.

I hate to ask this, Lucas... But could you, uhh, not come here anymore? Whenever you visit, our reputation gets worse... Huh? Club Titiboo? Oh, well, my advice is that you head to the factory and then ask around there. N-now could you please go away?

The factory? I walked along the tracks to get there one time. It was so far away! My dad yelled at me afterwards.

I often go to Club Titiboo, too.

I often... want to go to Club Titiboo, too.

Club Titiboo, huh? Your best bet is to head to the factory. And if you want, I'm sure you can get a job working there too, so I say head on over. You can take the train here to go straight to the factory.

If you need something from the map-loving and map-owning Mapson, it must be a map, yes? I can talk about non-map stuff too, you know. Is old man Wess okay? No, I don't mean injury-wise... I mean hair-wise. After all, he did get his hair caught in that bug net and everything.

This is a peaceful village. There is no way an uproar would ever happen here. But, even if by chance something uproar-like did wouldn't be my fault. Understand, Lucas?! Well, do you?

It's always Wess who's causing a scene. I wish they would lock that old geezer up somewhere and just be done with it.

Working at the factory, then relaxing at Titiboo. That's what regular folk look forward to. They even got a band there.

Huh? Titiboo? ...That's pretty far away. You'll need to take the train.

Someone who looks just like Duster? I'm not really sure about the details, but Jackie did mention something like that.

I hear the guy who looks just like Duster is at a place called Club Titiboo.

Huh?! You're going to Club Titiboo? Oh, you're so lucky! I wish I could go, too! I don't have money for the train, but I hear you can get there on foot.

You're going there to meet the bassist? Why's that, now? Because he looks like Duster? Oh, I play the bass, too, you know. Wait. No, I don't. I play the fool. All the time.

And with that, we'll traverse the tunnel.

There's a variety of enemies here. Slitherhens from the Sunshine Forest are also slithering around here, as well as a few new foes.

These guys are straight from Earthbound. They're a bit weaker but a bit more durable than Slitherhens. They also have a good chance of dropping Edible Mushrooms, which heal a smallish amount. They can also spread spores, though they never hit Lucas or Boney.

There's three screens of numerous enemies before we reach the next plot point.

Squawking Sticks are pretty annoying. On their own, they aren't that bad.

The problem is they can summon random monsters from the area to join in battle. More on these guys in a bit.

Suffice to say, they can be a bit overwhelming.

The Squawking Stick will also cast Lifeup Alpha to restore some damage. They also have a 5% chance of dropping a nice weapon upgrade for Lucas, though it's not really worth the time trying to grind for it.

The Squawking Sticks are a good enemy to use your bombs on once they summon monsters. Especially if Reconstructed Moles are around, since they'll summon more moles to join in.

Woof woof woof woof!

After a bit into the tunnel, we run into these clothes.

And also these magic butterflies.

Oh my.

Oh my.

Oh, aren't you that boy I met at Aeolia's house three years ago? Remember? You said you were going to the Drago Plateau to avenge your mother... Huh? That wasn't you?! Really? How odd... I'm Ionia, one of the Magypsies.

I often come here to be revitalized after I've worn myself out by overusing my PSI. Are you here because you overused your PSI, too? ...Oh? You've never heard of PSI? ...That's odd. I sense loads of magical power coming from you.

Just endure it for a little bit! Yeesh! Just a little more! OK!!

Lastly, power welled up from deep within his heart!

And with that, Lucas has picked up PSI powers.

Lucas primarily uses defensive PSI, compared to Kumatora who specializes in attack and debuff PSI. Lucas gets the higher-level Lifeup and Healing techniques, as well as Attack and Defense boosts and shields.

However, Lucas only gets one attack technique: PK Love, which like in Earthbound is named after the Favorite Thing chosen at the beginning of the game. So if you really wanted to, you could cast PK Boners on your enemies. The higher levels of this technique are unlocked by plot, so we're stuck with Alpha for awhile. However, for 10PP, Lucas will do more damage to the entire enemy party than Kumatora could do with any of her Alpha-level attack PSI. It is definitely invaluable early on, at least until Lucas's physical attack develops to solid enough levels.

Oh! My goodness! I can't believe it!

You sly devil, you!

And apparently there's something special about Lucas that lets him use this most rare of PSI powers.

I don't know where you come from or where you're going, but we might meet again. So at least tell me your name. ......Lucas. Thanks. I'll remember that.

We can talk to Ionia again before we go...

You really love hot springs, don't you? So do I.

There was a butterfly in there. The butterflies will restore PP to your party. In Earthbound it was 20, I believe, not sure if it's the same for this game or if it's a different/random amount.

I'm not very proud of my name. Do you need something?

And then we get the save/DP dialogue. After finishing...

Your vague expression... I guess it must be my name, huh?

We still got a bit of tunnel to go through before we're done. Really Flying Mice also really fly around here.

These guys are pretty durable and can also spread their spores on you.

And themselves, apparently.


(Have you ever noticed that you can send weak enemies flying if you dash into them? Feels pretty good, huh? Pretty addicting, huh? But those don't count as real fights, so they won't net you any so-called experience points. Huh? You already knew that?! Or are you just pretending to know? You're not pretending, are you? Well, in any case, time to end this with a sparrow-like... chirp chirp-chirp-chirp!)

At any rate, just a little bit more to go!

Reconstructed Moles hit pretty hard, and as I mentioned they will call more friends for help. Best to take them down quickly.

Enough to kill both combined with a Thunder Bomb from Boney. You'll actually use items a lot in this game if only because otherwise Boney is useless since his attack is bad.

Oh yeah, there are trains. I'll show off getting hit by trains and stuff later probably.

Please don't recreate this stunt in real life.

If you see one, stay away. View them from a distance only! -Chimera Laboratory

They have double the offense and five times the HP of the enemies we just fought. I'm not even going to try.

On the bright side, it seems we just reached the station.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn

Plan 9 from Outer Space - Some nuts

Fleas are a status effect in this game. Flea Powder cures it.

Offense Up boosts the physical attack of a character. Not that useful right now since PK Love will easily outdamage even an attack-boosted Lucas, but it'll likely shine later on once Lucas's attack starts going up and PK Love Alpha stops being as impressive.

Part time help wanted at the factory. All those interested, appy at the factory! Right this way ->

For everyone else, a ticket to Cross Road Station is 2500 DP per person. Are you factory workers?

No, but-

Then one ticket will be 2500 DP.

No thanks.

Then I suggest you walk to Tazmily.

Well, what do you know.

I-I'm not slacking off at all. I'm sort of like, you know, keeping an eye out for people who ARE slacking off. Yeah. What're you smirkin' about?!

Up north is the factory that everyone's working at.

Working in the factory isn't easy, but you do get free tickets to Club Titiboo out of it. So it's not all bad.

You can buy some recovery and healing items from the vending machine.

And of course the Item Guy is here.

The gods are watching over you guys. You're incredible. You're amazing. Seriously, you're a real inspiration. We're right behind you, supporting you 100% from the side!

Thank you!

Further north is a forest full of new and powerful enemies. But more importantly, it's the path to Club Titiboo.

Of course!


...You don't seem to have any tickets. I can't let you on without tickets.

And if we say no...

Then why did you come here?! Oh well, whatever.

As several people have mentioned, you need to be a factory worker to get tickets to Club Titiboo.

Next time, Lucas gets a job.