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Part 21: The Train to Success (2)

We are at the center. There's actually a ton of places we could go, though the story has most of them sealed off. To continue the plot, we need to go back to the factory directly to the south and get a damn job. But screw work, we've got monsters to beat up.

To the west is the Chimera Facility, the place where they build all the weird monster hybrids.

Of course, we can't enter yet.

A lot of the enemies in this area are very powerful, and most of them can't be dented by our physical attacks at present. The only way to beat these foes is to spam PK Love until they die, which will use up quite a chunk of PP.

However, to the west of the facility, we have a hot spring to recover our PP at for free, so if we were so inclined we could grind a few levels with relative security.

There's also a chicken. No reason not to!

Cluck cluck. (You got it. Just leave it to me.)

This chicken will also give you fresh eggs, which restore a nice amount, though of course they will hatch quickly.

But resting with one in a hot spring will turn it into a Hot Spring Egg, which both restores more and won't hatch!

Alright, let's check out the enemies here.

These guys have 400 HP and crazy-high offense. Our physical attacks won't even scratch this guy. And if they see you on the overworld, they won't hesitate to chase you down.

Boney is pretty much useless for these fights, mainly there to take hits for Lucas.

PK Love is the only way to kill these things, and even then it'll take three or four rounds to do so.

The Ostrelephant can attack twice, which it did to a guarding Boney. Guarding also slows down the descent of the HP bar, which is a neat perk of the move.

This item will wreck robot enemies. You know, if you use it. Which you probably won't, you item hoarder.

Up north...

I decided to take a shortcut to Club Titiboo, which is why I'm climbing up this cliff here. *crawl* *climb* I'd say I'm somewhere around Day 3 now. *crawl* *climb*

This thing recovers PP, handy for dungeons.

Pigtunias can't move, so it's easy to avoid them. They are also beefy HP and attack-wise, and pretty much require PK Love to go down.

The jerks can steal PP. They can apparently also summon more Pigtunias and make your characters cry, so it's good to kill them quickly.

Dogfish pop up from the nearby lake and, despite having similar stats to Pigtunias, can be nasty.

They have poisonous bites, which really lets damage add up. They can also apparently use PK Freeze, which of course is not good. There's also a rare version of this enemy which may pop up, but considering this guy managed to kill me, I didn't bother looking for it.

Batangutans are the last enemy we'll see today, and they're by far the easiest to deal with, more in line with the enemies from the tunnel. Physical attacks are actually effective with these guys!

The only notable thing it does is release fleas, though what those do I'm sure we'll find out later since I managed to avoid them.

To the east of the station is this lake area with a waterfall. Not much to do here yet, though.

you didn't read it.

That's nice.

Anyway, we don't have PK Wall Staples yet, so we're out of things to do.

So I guess it's time for Lucas to get a job.

There's no music inside the factory, just the hum of machinery. Not the exact sounds, but close enough.

Oh, hey there, Lucas. Are you here at the factory for something? If you feel like working, I'm sure they'll hire you.

The Claymen aren't as talkative as Isaac.

What's that? You wanna go to Club Titiboo?! That's a special place for workers here to go and relieve their daily exhaustion.

Whadya say? Are you up for some part-time work?

Eh, why not.

Yeah? Then that makes things easy.

You'll find a ladder there. Go down it. You'll find a bunch of Claymen in the area below. Some of them'll be almost out of energy, so you gotta bring them back up here. Bring them one at a time. After you've brought three up, you're done. Just to be safe, I'll give you this sketch of how the factory is laid out.

Oh, and sign your name on this document. No, no, not your name. The name of... Of the person in the background... The person pulling the strings, I guess you could say?

I just need it for verification purposes, it's nothing too important. You know how it is. Anyway, if you could do that, that'd help out a lot.

And we get a chance to change the player's name if we wanted. It'd defeat the purpose of voting the first time if I bothered with a second vote, plus I want to be done with this part, so we're sticking with what we have.

Great! Goons! Is that your correct name?


Alright, got it. I'll add it to our records. Now listen.

So don't forget that! Alright, then. Work hard.

Hold on, dog! Dogs have dog things to keep them busy! Dog! Go on ahead and do what the boss dog says.

So Boney leaves the party to suffer the whims of boss dog.

Alright. Hop to it.

The next room up has Lou and Bud.

They're digging up clay to make Claymen out of.

These machines almost seem to invite you to use them. But you can't touch 'em. People can't touch 'em, or else they'll get zppaed somethin' fierce! I've never touched them, of course! ...But I really want to. Ignore the urges. Ignore the urges.

Yeah, that's supposed to be Lou there and not Bud. Just clarifying.

Further up is Jonel.

Oh! Hey there, Lucas! Did you come to see me? ...Oh, you didn't? I see. How's Flint? Same as always? I see.

Woof woof! *huff* *huff* (It's nice to exercise once in a while.)

Meanwhile, up top Boney's doing some work himself.

Bow-wow! (The new guy with the dark fur's so annoying. It's like, just shut up and work, will ya?!)

There's a ladder down in the middle of the room.

Which leads to where all the Claymen are working.

I use this lift to send low-energy Claymen up to the ground floor. So just bring one here and talk to me.

Layout of the factory, which thankfully isn't very big.

Basically, we find Claymen that look like the latter screenshot, moving slow and looking mopey, and we push them to the Pigmask.

You can't run and the path may be long, so it can take awhile

Then we just take it down to Lou and Bud.

And off it runs to complete some more work.

There should be some more. Just bring 'em on up here.

Nothing changes other than the location of the next tired one.

You can just leave it there. We'll handle it from here. Go and get the next one.

One to go!

Nothing different here.

And with that, we're done working. Hooray! Let's go ahead and talk to the head Pigmask guy.

And here's your pay for today.

We get our ticket and even some spending money! Nothing like a probably-honest day's work!

Work every day and you can make even more money! Work up a good sweat as you strive for your dreams! You're still young after all!

Good job today!

And we also have some new dialogue from people now.

Lucas... So you've finally decided to live in these new times, huh? Well, good luck with your part-time job. While you're walking around here all lazy-like, I'm gonna shoot straight to the top and become someone important. I might even get to be a Pigmask soon! ...They've invited me to join them!

* Violet really knows how to make me sway * * I hope she doesn't notice my toupee * ...I'm thinking of writing a song about Club Titiboo.

Huh? Me and Lou's comedy routines? Oh, yeah. I forgot there was a time when we used to do that.

Lucas. You have mud on the side of your nose. No, not that side.

Bow-wow! (Good work today! I think I'm gonna do a little more work.)

Oiiinnk! (Good oink, I mean, work, today!)

You've got a real knack for this. Come back sometime.

Zzzz... Zzzz...*mumble* *mumble* Ahh! Oh, crap! I fell asleep! I guess that's what they call "sleep-standing". Thanks for waking me up.

We sure did!

Well? Whadya think? Doesn't money have such a nice weight to it?

Next time, we finally go to Club Titiboo.