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Part 22: Mystery Club (1)

Last time, Lucas got his first job, and with it the sweet rewards of working for the man, including some tickets he needed to hopefully find Duster.

Before we do the thing we were sent out to do, let's go back to Tazmily.

That's dangerous! What the heck are you thinking, going into the tunnel this late at night?! I dunno what yer story is, but you're still young! Don't just throw away your life! Okay?! Alright, then. Now that you understand, go on! And just forget about me. Later.

You can't actually go back to Tazmily, as this familiar-looking guy will stop you every time.

You again?! How many times do I gotta say it?! You're young! Don't throw yer life away! Youthful impatience, huh? I dunno what yer deal is, but you should apply that to sports or something more useful! Now, look! I'm a busy guy, myself! So stop giving me work to do!

The thing is, each time you try to go in, he has something different to say.

I figured it was you again! Please, just give it a rest already! This is almost like a comic book at this point! Just behave yerself. Forget all about this tunnel.

He'll say new things for six attempts. That's three so far.

I was keepin' an eye out for you. I thought you might show up...and you did. C'mon, just turn back now. Please?

I do love how there's so many obscure and cool, useless details lying around this game. Most people won't even think of going back to Tazmily, let alone trying this repeatedly. I certainly didn't my first playthrough.

You're teasin' me, aren't you? You're not mockin' me for being kind, friendly, and sympathetic, are you? You are, aren't you? Alright, this'll be the last time. I'm not going to stop you anymore. I won't stop you next time. But just turn back now. Please?

He's lying, of course.

I dunno if you care or not, but I'll tell you anyways. My big bro lives on the other side of this tunnel. People say he looks just like me. ...No idea what he's up to lately, though.

And so ends the legendary story of the "Other guy who stops kids from walking aimlessly on dangerous train tracks." Keep well, noble soul.

Oh right, Club Titiboo.

This ropeway leads to Club Titiboo. Do you want to ride up it?

Yes. We even have tickets now!

...Yes, everything is in order here. Please, get on.

At any rate, we're finally here.

After all the trouble we went through to get here? No thanks.

Oh, okay. By the way, have you had a chance to look through the binoculars there?

Quite the view. Now to load state so I can save a DP and deprive Lucas the memory of such a view.


The bald guy is Skinhead, while the hairy guy is Neckbeard. I didn't make these names up, that's what the translation actually uses.

We don't allow pets inside. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Come back some other time.

Whoa. It's that guy who had a dog with him just a minute ago...

No, there's somethin' fishy about this! Where'd that dog from earlier go, and where'd this dog-like dude come from?! And on top of that, you smell underage!

Now that you mention it, this IS weird! No suspicious people allowed! That's our rule here! Scram! Get lost, you kid-like guy and you dog-like dude!
Nah! I say we pulverize 'em right here!

If it isn't the underage-smelling Poo and the dog-smelling Wuuf!

I take it you two've been mistaken for an underage kid and a dog yet again? *giggle*

Whaaa?! You know these dudes, Violet?
I dunno, I still say there's somethin' not right about these guys! Especially this dog-like dude here. Shake!

See? You do know how to shake. *grin*
*wh-whimper* (Yes, I do know how to shake, but...)

But, dude. If by chance you ARE a dog... You'd be one of the best dogs to ever shake. Heh.
Wonderful! Come in, have lots of fun, and forget about alllllll your worries!

And with that, Violet leaves and we're finally allowed in.

Please enjoy yourselves.
Good job!

And we can also now look at the signs at the entrance.

D Desperado
C Crash
M Mambo
C Combo
We're looking for help for the cheering squad.

Alright, let's get in!

And with that, we finally enter Club Titiboo.

Listen, but don't change the expressionon your face.

We met at the Sunshine Forest, remember? I'll explain everything later. ...Put on a smile, will ya? Okay, good. Okay! The next DCMC song is about to begin! Please go on in and find some empty seats. *giggle*

So Violet is actually Kumatora in disguise for some reason. At least we have another ally to rely on now.

Before we venture further, let's talk to the people in the lobby first.

And also buy things. This will get us a Big City Cola.

You really should try one at least once!

You can buy food here. These things restore 20/30/100/70/60 HP respectively. Don't waste time on the cheaper stuff, item space is still pretty valuable right now so getting the best bang for your buck is nice, though it'll be rare that you'll need 100 but not 70HP recovery. And besides, your inventory should be full of Hard Boiled Eggs anyway.

I got some homemade DCMC mechandise for ya right here! If it breaks or rips, I'll stay up all night to fix it! Nah! Just kiddin'! I kid a lot! But never mind that, buy some o' these here DCMC goods!

The DCMC gear is a nice defense boost for Lucas (and Boney can wear the hat, too). The pamphlet's weaker than his current weapon, but it apparently does bonus damage against DCMC fans. Note that we won't actually be fighting any this chapter, plus we'll get a free one soon enough. Meanwhile, the Veggie Plate restores a pathetic 10HP.

Now that we've looked at the merchandise, let's explore the lobby.

We don't have restrooms for dogs here. Oh, you're not a dog? My apologies. *giggle*

All the waitresses here giggle at the end of everything they say. I really wish they'd get rid of that rule, though. It's so stupid. *giggle*

Tonda Gossa! That's the greeting. You know, THE greeting? Tonda Gossa! You should at least learn the DCMC greeting, you know!

To the right is a staff room, to the left are the bathrooms.


This is the ladies' room, you know.


There's someone in here!

And if we don't...

No matter where I am, I never forget my job.

Now let's go take in the show.

*whistle* *whistle*

Eee! I love you, Magic!!!

Baccio! Baccio!

OJ!!! Wooo!

Zmizz! You're the greatest!

Yeah! Lucky!

*chew* *chew* Everyone's just waiting for the encore now. *giggle*

I think you have to talk to everyone to advance the plot anyway, but it's mostly fluff so

If you try to leave, you'll get five different reactions that all cycle in order, starting with this guy.

This guy is one of the DCMC members.

Huh? I messed up again.

Aaaahhhh! Watch where you're walking! You got ketchup all over my clothes! Aww, man! Thanks a lot!

Oh, sir. Pardon me. Would you like a Bag of Big City Fries? It's only 40 DP. *giggle*

No thanks. If I wanted them, I'd buy them at the concession stand for the same price.

Oh, that's too bad. But please try some sometime, okay?

Now let's talk to the audience.

Supposedly, there's just one guy who makes the whole world go 'round. No, actually, I'm not sure if it's a guy or not. I guess it could be a woman or even a kid.

Tonda Gossa! In my line of sight is that man who's always at the beach. He's staring at me like he really likes me... I'm starting to think that I could like him, too.

Tonda Gossa! In my line of sight is that girl who's always at the beach. She's staring at me like she really likes me... I'm starting to think that I could like her, too.

Yep, it's that same two from the beach at Tazmily.

I hope the encore starts soon. Oh, and after each concert, one of the girls here even gives out free DCMC pamphlets!

Lucky, the bass player, definitely looks a lot like Duster. But don't know. There's something different about him. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Tessie's also here for some reason.

I thought for sure he was our head honcho, but apparently there are people higher up on the ladder than him.

I've been wondering about it for a while now, but you know Lucky, the bass player? ...That totally has to be a wig. Heheheh.


You smell like a dog. Like a dog, and a kid. This ain't no place for dog-smelling kids to come.

These guys don't have front-facing sprites, including the big pigmask guy apparently.

(The encore won't start if we keep walking around like this. Let's go sit down, okay?)

Once we talk to everyone, Boney will ask us to get seated so we can get to the good stuff. I'm done with everything, so let's do so.

... You want... water?

I was wondering who in the world would order water in a place like this! I mean, come on? Water? Ppppppttth!

One Fizzy Soda for this here boy! And a Big City Cola for his dog-like friend! It's on me, the great Thomas, of course!
Certainly, sir! One Fizzy Soda instead of water, and one Big City Cola. Coming right up. *giggle*

I could buy so many damn fizzy colas I could drown you in a tub filled with them, old man.

Shhh. Listen, but don't change the expression on your face. There's a lot I need to talk to you about after the DCMC concert's over. After it's over, don't leave. Hang out in the lobby. I'll be there to get you. Alright, see ya later. You idiot! Don't change your expression!

Heeeey, Lucas! What were you and Violet talkin' about? I never knew you were such a ladies' man!

Yeah, I wonder why women never spend much time with you, Thomas.

OH MY PORK! Looks like our time is up, sad to say. So here's one last song for ya. Here's "King P's Theme"!

So, while I could do GIFs and stuff, it still won't do this justice. Of course this game, like Mother 1 and Earthbound, has an iconic musical scene, and even GIFs alone won't do it justice. So here's the video:

Video: DCMC Encore Performance

And for reference's sake, here's a Tindeck link of the above song.

At any rate, the performance is over, and we have some more dialogue from the audience.

Heeeey, Lucas! What were you and Violet talkin' about? I mean, you just met for the first time, right?! Man, you're good!

Whew, that was great! Now to head back to the factory and put in some overtime!

Oh my pork! What if all the trains have stopped running for today and I can't get back home?

Tonda Gossa! I wonder if there's still a train heading back home...

If Lucky really is Duster, why doesn't he recognize me?

Word is that everyone in the DCMC's lost their memory.

Oh, that's probably why.

I wanna be in a band too...

See! I told you so! Lucky the bass player's wig started to come off during the Tonda Gos-song!

I wish I could listen to them forever!

The place smelled a little more dog-like today than usual, but it was still a great show!

Tonda Gossa! Tonda Gossa!

How about a DCMC Pamphlet as a souvenir of your visit to Club Titiboo? *chew* *chew* *giggle* They're real popular with die-hard fans. You just scored yourself some nice swag! *giggle*

And like that, we scored a free pamphlet. If we talk to her again...

Will you come back again? You won't? You will? You will won't? *giggle*, right? Are you doing anything later? Are you not? Give you a break already? Will I give you no break already? Whatever, I'm tired of this. Bye.

Yeah, I don't know either.

All the people in the lobby say the same stuff, so let's go follow Violet.

Down here are a Made-You-Look (which turns an enemy around) and another Saltwater Gun.

Slimy Slugs are the only enemies down here, and they're a joke.

They have 167HP each, but they also have the defense of a piece of paper, so even Boney will rip right through them.

They can be annoying, though. Fortunately they just targeted Boney this fight.

More can pop up though so might as well Love them to death.

Like so.

Not to mention that sticky junk from all those slugs. I'm gonna hop in the shower real quick, so just relax here.

Not much to do other than talk to a frog and try to leave.

I didn't say nothin', dude.

Boney whimpers.

Oh, it's just a dog.
There ain't no dogs here, dude.

Well, nothing to do but wait.

Some way or another I wound up with this fancy room. Anyways, go shower, you two. There's even a hot spring in there, if that's more your thing.

No thanks.

You're exhausted and dirty, ain't you? A shower'll freshen you right up.


I know you wanna hurry and all, but c'mon, you guys reek. Just go take a shower!


How about you, doggy?

OK, maybe we should...



After showering, the three conversed at great length, almost as if filling in the three-year gap that had separated them.

They discussed the rescued monkey...

They discussed the Hummingbird Egg from Osohe Castle, and how it went missing...

They discussed the fact that one of the DCMC band members appears to be an amnesic Duster...

And they discussed the mysterious army that had radically transformed Tazmily Village...

As if assembling the jumbled pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, they told each other what they knew to put their thoughts together.

The coming battle will not be easy...

This, more than anything, they knew all too well.

"I want to be stronger..."

It was at around this time that Lucas truly began to have such feelings...

Next time, we finish Chapter 4.