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Part 33: The Chimera Lab (2)

Before we continue, let's revisit the Chimera Lab, as there's new dialogue there.

*click* *whir* I AM BROKEN. BROKEN. YOU DON'T MIND, DO YOU? *whir* *click*

I found this really old magazine in the storage room earlier. Who the heck put it there, I wonder...

I don't know anything about it breaking out of the lab! I haven't seen anything! I don't know anything!

With Salsa in our party, we can now get those out-of-reach items. They aren't anything exciting, though, just Bug, Offense, and Defense Sprays.

According to recent research, they appear to live on the far eastern edge of the highway, in a village they constructed for themselves.

So the Mr. Saturns are around for this game, it seems, complete with their unique dialect.

S-stop!! Stay away!! This is my hiding spot!

Also, our pigmask disguises are still lying here, in case you were concerned about their safety.

All these medicines have such similar names that I mix them up all the time.

Free Bufferizer is nice.

I've been stuck inside the lab and out of natural sunlight for so long that I think it's starting to affect my health. Actually, I think you guys could use some sunlight and fresh air, too.

*bleeergh* I lost my appetite again...

I dunno what my partner's deal is. This place doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I even come in here to eat sometimes.

That's it for the Chimera Lab for now. Let's explore a bit more.

Noting that we can't leave the area until we do the plot stuff.

Meanwhile, there's a new enemy in the northern area, the Einswine. They pack a decent punch.

But they also have scary powerful PSI. Luckily, Brainshock didn't affect anyone.

Salsa can still debuff enemies and make them cheer for him, but he's not nearly up to par with Lucas and Boney, partly because those two have had two or three chapters worth of levels to gain.

East of the Chimera Lab is this stone slab.

Take a wild guess as to how we're going to open it.

For this section, we get control of Salsa. We can't leave this screen, there's no enemies, and there's really nothing to do but talk to Lucas (Boney and Salsa's girlfriend aren't very talkative right now).

Neither is Lucas, for that matter.

Anyway, left or right will open the door the way Salsa knows best.

Once we get to this area, there's two notable things. First, two ponds, one full, one empty.

The other is a Magicant-style home that surely belongs to a Magypsy.

Indeed, it is the home of Doria, as well as a familiar face!

Oh! You're here too, Salsa?! It's great to see you again! I didn't know you were alive!

And how've you been, Love Monkey?

Introduce me to them, won't you?

Yeah, sure. These're my friends. This is Salsa the monkey and his "Love Monkey". And this is Lucas the human.

*giggle* So you're sweet little Lucas? Ionia's told me all about you.

I'll show you where the Needle is. *giggle*

That's Doria, one of the seven Magypsies. He saved me. Apparently, that's what fate had in store.

Doria and Kumatora go outside. We can explore Doria's house, though she has one thing of interest.

This just retells the story Ionia told us after we reached the first needle. You can't skip it either.

Apparently, a pretty woman dressed in red appeared in Doria's dreams...and foretold that I'd fall into this pond. For some reason, after I heard that story...I just somehow knew you guys were alright too, and that I'd see you again soon enough. I was a little worried about you, though, Lucas.

Hinawa's spirit not only saved us, but our allies. It's nice to have a guardian angel with such a vested interest in our friends' safety.

My Needle is much more of a pain to pull out. *giggle* It's hard to believe you really have the power to pull the Needles. But before you can even try, we need to move the water from this pond into that empty hole first. You know that Chimera Laboratory to the west of here? There might be some junk there that could help us move the pond water. Why not look for something there?

Looks like our next step is to go back to the Chimera Lab.

Fortunately, we don't have to go back inside, as Dr. Andonuts is outside waiting for us.

Oh, lad. I thank you for earlier. ...What's that? You're looking for a way to transfer all of the water from one pond to another?

Hmmm... Those eyes of yours, lad... They're the eyes of someone who's taken on some sort of mission. ...Very well. I'll lend you a helping hand. Achoo!

Take whichever one you think will be the most useful to you.

Spoiler: Only one of these is useful. So of course I'm showing all three in action.

Those are the Bucket Brothers. They're the result of combining cutting-edge dough technology with Clayman technology! Are you certain this is what you want?


Ooh! Yes, here we are! This will solve our pond water dilemma! I just know it!

Ooh! Look! They're trying so hard!

They looked so sad, too.

I bet those kids could've managed it, had we kept them going for a whole year straight. Or maybe not. That's a bit of a pity. *giggle*

Anyway, time for choice #2.

It's the latest model Dryer Chimera, and it utilizes an air intake system and a jet engine! It can dry anything in mere moments, even long hair, afros, panties, and Asian beauties! Are you certain this is what you want?

While I'm a bit concerned as to how exactly Dr. Andonuts knows it can quickly dry Asian beauties, I think it's worth a shot.

I love the nice touch that it plugs into the ground before drying.

Ooh, look at him dry! He's just drying away!

Unfortunately, drying isn't that good at getting rid of water.

And the Dryguy also looks so sad at failing.

Today must not be your lucky day. That's too bad...

Welp, two down, one to go.

That's a rather ho-hum Chimera known as a Pump Chimera. It's an extraordinarily ordinary creature that's really only useful when you need to transfer something from one place to another, such as pond water. You're certain you want something as uninteresting as this?

As boring as it would be to use something that only transfers pond water from one location to another to do the job of transferring pond water from one location to another, we don't really have many options left, so sure.

This is boring to even watch.

Ooh! Look at him suck up the water!

More! Do more!

Just look at him go! It's enough to give me chills!

So after watching this boring creature move some boring pond water from one boring pond to another boring pond, the boring task is finished.

He leaves the stage with such a calm air about him! A natural if I ever saw one! What a casanova! Bravo, Mr. Pump!

Whatever you say.

One of the seven Needles sealing the Dragon away!

But after all that, we've finally reached the Needle.

Now pull it! Pull it right out! Come on, now! Do it!!

My thoughts exactly.

Oh yeah maybe we should pull that needle that saves the world or whatever.

Can you really pull this Needle, like Ionia said...? I'm not sure if I should be afraid or happy... A rush of emotions is overcoming me! I can't believe I'm here, witnessing this moment!

Right before my very eyes!
If this Needle gets pulled, will you disappear like Aeolia did?
Yes, that's right. Because the Needle won't need my protection anymore. The Needle can only be pulled when "the time" comes. So when the Needle finally IS pulled, "the time" has come. We Magypsies have lived our lives so that we can happily accept that fate when it comes. So don't worry. I'm not going to die. I'm simply going to follow fate and disappear. So it will be a happy thing. I do have many fond memories, though, so it will be a little sad, too. *giggle*

If we say No, we can talk to people.

But this is the only new thing, so let's pull the needle.

The sprite flickering's a bit weird here, probably since I have the video at 30FPS. Sometimes all of Doria flickers, sometimes it's her top or bottom half.

And by pulling the needle, Lucas learns the next level of PK Love, which does around 240 damage to all enemies for 20PP. Very nice to have.

I never once imagined someone would show up at this tender girl's home to pull the Needle. Disappearing while still young and beautiful... In one sense... it's bliss.

I'm about to disappear youthfully and beautifully... Think about me sometimes, okay? Here, take this memento of me.

Doria's Memento is the same as Aeolia's, reviving the carrier should they fall in battle.


Ionia told me this a long time ago. When the Dark Dragon that's sleepin' under the island wakes up, all life and all time'll be reborn...

Lucas. Can I come along with you? ...I wanna go with you. We hafta hurry and find Duster and the Egg of Light, too!

And so Kumatora rejoins our party. Welcome back!

We just met again after all this time, but it looks like this is goodbye again.

What's with that look? You're such a sentimental monkey...

Huh? What is it?

See you later, if we ever get the chance!