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Part 38: Mister Who? (3)

This update should be pretty short, as we just need to get back to Saturn Valley so we can get back to Tazmily and get those other needles. But first, a few highlights on the trip back.

Here's a married chunk of lava making out with a dog.

And here's PK Love Gamma. The damage is crazy high, but so is the PP cost. Plus it's less PP for Shields. So alright for random battles near lots of healing, but probably not worth it for bosses where Lucas's attacks will more than suffice.

Also, Kumatora picks up Offense Down Omega, which lowers all enemies' offense. The multi-target debuffs aren't as useful since you generally only use them on bosses anyway, which are usually single-target, plus you also have Duster to debuff. For random battles, might as well use Freeze or Fire to take them out more quickly.

We're back, and there's new dialogue to enjoy. Enjoy!

Since we've been gone, the Mr. Saturns built two ladders, one for the cliff we had to scale earlier, and another that goes nowhere because of course it does.

This is my favorite Mr. Saturn.

And this is my favorite ladder of Mr. Saturns.

After leaving the cave and getting back to the village center, we see a Pigmask blow up the way out just from spite. So we're stuck living with the Mr. Saturns forever. Hooray.

Does this mean we can't leave the village?! Let's ask the Mr. Saturns if there's any other way to get outside.

Or maybe the Mr. Saturns will help us find a way back home.

Now let's talk to the Elder Mr. Saturn or whatever they are called in Mr. Saturn culture about finding a way out.

Oh. Is there any other way to leave besides that tunnel?

We're gonna fly using birds...?

Yes, we're going to fly using birds. And the Mr. Saturn will try and help us catch birds!

On the other hand, we should probably try to catch one ourselves.

Fortunately, it's as easy as running up to one of the birds that hang out in front of the Saturn Valley exit and pressing A. And then telling the prompt you want to catch the bird that you can't complete the game without catching.

Anyway, we caught the one and only bird we needed to catch. Let's go back to the Mr. Saturn in charge.

Nothing to do but wait in the hot spring, then.

Now there's a Mr. Saturn in there with us.

In the original Earthbound, there are two instances where Ness and his friends are offered coffee, with the first one also involving Mr. Saturns. It serves as a nice break and retrospective on what our party had accomplished so far, and to keep their spirit and steel their resolve for the challenges ahead. It was a great touch that they do this by offering kids what's considered a drink for adults, showing the characters are maturing through their adventure. It's a really nice moment backended with some excellent music.

So please grab some coffee and enjoy.


No one is simply born "strong".

People only grow stronger little by little, by encountering difficult situations and learning not to run from them, no matter how frightening or daunting they may be.

Lucas. That is exactly what you have done to grow strong.

However, you did not do it for yourself.

You grew strong for those you would otherwise be unable to help. They are the reason you are strong.

Even now, you occasionally show a glimpse of it, Lucas. Fleeting images of that once-pampered, crybaby boy can sometimes be seen in your smile.

You've come a very long way.

There's no telling what to expect from here on out, but if one thing is certain, it's that those who believe in you will be right there to help.

Trust in them.

Now go forth, toward whatever stands out the most in your eyes.

Go, facing not the darkness, but the light.

And his companions...

You have driven the enemy into a corner.
The enemy's back is to the wall.

There is nothing to fear now.

Everyone is watching on, with complete faith in you. In their hearts, they all say, "Thank you!"

Can you hear them?

The Mother series has always been about unlikely heroes, and Lucas is definitely the unlikeliest of them all. Ninten and Ness may be kids, but from the start they're brave go-getters who don't hesitate to do the right thing. Lucas, of course, is much more timid and who you'd least expect to be a hero, especially compared to someone like Claus. But it's also that nature that has made him strong and leaves him as the only hope the Nowhere Islands has to not fall into chaos at the mercy of a bunch of men dressed like pigs led by a guy who talks with nose horns.

The series goes into how much Ninten and Ness "change", but Lucas definitely does so in a more remarkable and relatable way since he starts off so meek and timid, and that's before watching his mother die, his brother vanish, and his father fall into a deep depression. Now, thanks to the help of a gimp thief, a tomboy psychic princess, and his pet dog, Lucas is now saving a town that doesn't even know it needs saving.

That, and his psychic powers are pretty damn scary. Seriously, 500 damage to all foes is nothing to sneeze at, holy crap.

Anyway, after a nice soak, another Mr. Saturn pays us a visit.

We end up giving the Mr. Saturn the Courage Badge that Flint left for us because how could we not want it more sparkly?

Also, now we can get out of here.

The Mr. Saturn in the hot spring will still offer us coffee. If we refuse...

And if we talk to the Mr. Saturn with our Courage Badge again...

Anyway, we're done here forever. Let's leave.

So we just hold onto this rope, then?

You guys really think that cheap rope'll last all the way to Tazmily with you hanging on it?!

I may've dislocated my jaw that last time...but I still got plenty left in me!

This is it. This is Rope Snake's chance to redeem himself after letting us down the last time.

However, he's a screw-up so no way.

Ever since what happened, I've... I've been toughening up my jaw by crunching walnut shells day after day after day! Yeah, and I ate the stuff inside the shells too, of course. Now I'm practically like a walnut-cracking jaw with a snake attached! It's really super strong! Please, let me try just one more time!

That's impressive. No.

There's just no getting through to you, huh? I'm no longer the snake I was up until yesterday. If I had to compare myself to something, I'd say I'm like a cornered lion. I'm a snake, but also a lion! A snakelion! No, I'm more like a roulette wheel! Make a bet!

Nah, roulette's not my game.

...I guess that roulette wheel comparison wasn't so hot. But, if anything, I'm a pair of dice! Roll me with all your might, using the power of your souls! My jaw's the bomb!

Rely on the probability you won't fail again and kill us? No thanks.

Come on! I'm being serious here! I... I don't wanna wind up being a big, fat worm instead of a snake. C'mon, you gotta understand how I feel! Let me be all the snake I can be. Please! I'm begging you!


That's what I'm talkin' about! I knew I could expect great things from you! Lucas! This looks to be a manly journey through the skies.

I think Mr. Saturn sums this whole experience up best:

And so our heroes find themselves once again soaring the skies while clinging to a rope snake.

And to his credit, Rope Snake hangs in there.

He lives up to his words, enduring the pain for the sake of the world.