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Part 40: Lows to Highs (2)

At least we didn't die, thanks in part to the oxygen machines it seems like.

Where are we...? Tanetane Island? Damn... All our items got washed away, and we have no energy left... Let's try to find something to eat.

Can you hear me?!?! This is an emergency message!!! Your guys' energy is at its very lowest!! It's fallen as low as it can get!

We're in a bad spot. Everyone is at 1HP/0PP and have no items other than equipment.

I was the frog that shouted that emergency message just now. Various circumstances led me to be inside this snake. Anyway, never mind that. You should probably save your game. Will you?

It's certainly a good idea to.

Ribbit, ribbit! Will the snake's gastric juices win, or will my focused determination prevail? I didn't get swallowed - this is actually a one-on-one, all-out battle.

If you say so.

There's some food here, but it looks odd.

On the other hand, a Zombieshroom prevents us from going onward.

And considering we have no way of healing and he has a party-wide attack, and we're kinda in a bad spot.

Eat them anyway?

If we say no...

But there doesn't seem to be anything else that's edible.

They have a funky-looking color, but they're okay to eat, right?

Looks like we have no choice!

Boney decides to sit out from eating the mushrooms. What a square.

You're overcome by an indescribably odd sensation...!

Everyone ended up restoring all their stats, even Boney, who didn't eat the mushrooms!

The snake also turned into an umbrella but that's no biggie.

Because you might get cramps since you just recently ate, of course.

Also, instead of that Zombieshroom Flint's now here.

Boney's freaking out barking his head off the entire time. I guess he's just really happy to see Flint again!

Anyway, we aren't lost, Flint.

It looks like we're butting heads against a guy with no head!

Since we're next to those wonderful mushrooms there's no reason to hold back on PSI. Just remember you still have no items.

This guy has the same party-wide spore attack that Zombieshroom had. When you can survive it, you'll find out it can also poison characters.

The usual buffs/debuffs apply, of course.

Anyway, you probably know the real identity of this guy, and as you might expect he's weak to fire.

This is the smile's physical attack, though it does pathetic damage.

Anyway, once you bring the smile down to low enough HP, you'll see its true identity, in this case a Zombieshroom.

Though it's still called Eerie Smile by the game itself.

A good deal of HP to burn through, but otherwise pretty simple.

Anyway, the trippy way further into Tanetane Island is now unlocked and stuff so let's eat more mushrooms.


There's two screens of familiar faces we can talk to. Boney hates them all for some reason.

It was my fault you lost full use of your left leg. I'm sorry... Don't leave me again.

Nah, we've got things to do.

You ungrateful child. You would make anyone cry.

This is the only such conversation I had that didn't end up in a battle.

The items you get along the way are in fact what they say they are. Trash cans never lie.

There are mailboxes along the way.

The boy named Lucas is crying at a grave.
The boy named Lucas and his dog are loitering in the forest.
The boy named Lucas is getting into trouble in the mountains.
The boy named Lucas stole Nuts from our garden.
The boy named Lucas is bullying animals.
The boy named Lucas learned some bad magic.
The boy named Lucas ......
The boy named Lucas ......
The boy named Lucas ......
The boy named Lucas .........
The mailbox let out a tremendous scream.

Next up is... Oh, crap! Claus is alive!

Say, Lucas. Whatcha up to?

Sorry, Claus. We're on important business and considering you've been lost for three years you're probably not at a high enough level to join us.

You won't let me join in? Why not? Why not? Why won't you let me join in?

At this point, every conversation leads to a battle with an Eerie Smile. There are three types you can run into. You won't know for sure at first which is which, but after revealing their identities the first time you can figure out which is which based on the background and music.

Boney can also sniff them to give you their weaknesses. If you're using a guide, that will be enough to tell you what enemy they really are. This guy's also susceptible to sleep.

This particular foe can laugh pretty hard.

This is a Monkalrus. I'll go into more detail on them later.

There are four mailboxes here.

Inside the mailbox were countless screams.

Stuffed inside the mailbox was sheer, never-ending darkness.

Inside the mailbox was the sound of yourself crying.

Inside the mailbox was absolutely nothing. Nothing after nothing came bursting out.

You hid me, didn't you?

Here's the second type of Eerie Smile, and the easiest of the lot.

It's an Ancient Dragonfly, and it has very low defenses and HP so it goes down in a round.

Don't do aaaanything. Don't see anyone. Just sleep. It'll be oh, so much fun......! Ohohohoho!

The Monkalrus can drop a Luxury Banana. This is also real.

Everyone's waiting to throw rocks at you, spit on you, and make your life hell. Who's "everyone"...? Everyone you love.

Again, each of these results in an encounter. I'm gonna skip all the repeats though.

A helmet for Lucas and Boney. It prevents fleas and has the same defense boost as the Awesome Crown. I like the 30PP more than the flea protection for Lucas, so Boney gets it.

...Or so it seemed, but you were the one looking from the other side, too.

She's waiting for you with fresh-made Omelets. She's waiting. SHE'S WAITING FOR YOU!

This is the last type of enemy.

It's a Titanian and pretty sturdy.

You haven't eaten? You haven't eaten? You haven't eaten? You haven't eaten?

Lucas. Lucas. Let's switch places. You're more... You're more...

Prevents sleep, slightly less defense boost than the Alligator Hat. Boney and Kumatora can wear it, so Kumatora gets it.

................. You're scary. You're you're you're you're you're TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO ssss ssss sssscary scary.

What? She's not coming back? Why, did you do something to her? Huh? I did it to her? Hinawa isn't coming back? Who are you? What did you do? It's time for supper. It's time for supper.

Next screen has a nearby hot spring and more characters.

For some reason, Boney doesn't want to join us. Weird dog.

Damn straight.

I can talk forever and ever about how it was Lucas's fault I wound up in trouble. Lucas did it. Lucas did it. Lucas did it.

Wh wh wh whoo whoooo who w w w were w w wwwww were you yyou youuu y you again? Hyahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

And where is this thing? There is no such thing. Let's hurry home now. Needle? A needle, you say? Are you the needle? Don't be stupid. I oughta pull you!
Lucas! We finally meet again! It's me. Claus. Touch my heart. See how it beats in and out? Lucas! There's noooothing to worry about now. It's me! Claus!

These two jump you together, though still no biggie.

She's like a stick no one loves.

A shiny car. It's scary even when it's stopped.

A needle's stuck in you?! I'll take it! I'll take the needle for you!

Pusher's the only person who doesn't try to attack us.

Truths are lies, and lies are truths. You, you're all lies.

Eventually, we make it to wherever the hell this place is.

The frog's pretty nice to us, at least, willing to save our game and all.

You're weak! You're weak! Lotus rooooot!

We end up at what's probably a Magypsy home? Looks like she's entertaining company.

Isn't she pretty?

...You people stink.

Oh, wait a minute... Might you be Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster?

We sure are! I think.

...Wow, you guys really stink. Ionia told me about you. I'm Mixolydia, one of the Magypsies. If that's too hard to remember, "Mixo", "Missy" will do just fine.

Just a tiny bite of those mushrooms will cause terrible hallucinations. Powerful hallucinations that tear at your weaknesses and the scars in your heart. But I'll bring you back to your senses now.

And so, Mixolydia uses mystical Magypsie healing techniques to bring our party out of their funk.

Much better.

I'm amazed you even made it this far after eating those horrid things.

I sense that "the time" has come, too. So whenever you want to pull it, go ahead... That's assuming you can get rid of the special barrier I set up to protect it, of course... Oh, I almost forgot.

Be sure to thank him.

By the way, this is Ocho.

Picking up those things along the beach is known as "beachcombing", and I just looove it.

Oh? Looks like you're holding too many things. I'll hold onto this for a little while longer, then.

And we got back all those worthless items I never use! Since we grabbed stuff along the way, Ocho will hold on to the stuff he can't give us due to our small invetory room.

Anyway, now we can see Tanetane Island for all its glory.

The Mole Cricket has some fun new goodies. The Spiky Weapon is usable by all the humans and is a nice upgrade for all of them, so I buy three. Of course, Lucas has a better weapon in the next area, so it's not really worth giving it to him. The Feather Charm is also a nice body upgrade for everyone but Boney (who's happy with his collar), and the Libra Bracelet is a nice accessory upgrade for the humans. The Spiky Weapon is also the first weapon that is stronger than the special boots Duster got back in Chapter 5, so we finally say goodbye to them.

Also, the guy who we saw as Pusher was actually the Item Guy. Everyone else was enemies, of course.

That hot spring Boney didn't want to get into? Sludge.

Not that relaxing now, sadly...

Fortunately, there is an actual hot spring in the nearby building.

And of course the enemies we saw earlier are hanging around, and there's no mailboxes anymore. I'll go into more detail on these enemies next update.

Next time, we finish up our business in this crazy weird place.