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Original Thread: MySims Kingdom: The Assistant Pig-Boy's Tale



MySims, huh?

Yep. The MySims franchise was one of EA's attempts to capitalize on the then-new Nintendo Wii and DS platforms and the babies and casual gamers who owned them. Mostly the babies. What these babies wanted, EA decided, was a squeaky-clean simple-shapes spinoff of The Sims--a concept which rapidly expanded into a series of games covering nearly every non-violent game genre that EA could think of. These games were probably supposed to be shovelware, but, as it turns out, no one told the developers that. As kiddie titles go, the MySims games can be surprisingly good.

MySims Kingdom is the second title in the series, an unholy combination of the original MySims and an old-school fantasy RPG. Imagine an RPG that's all sidequests and no combat, and you're about halfway there. Seriously, we have a silent protagonist and everything. While it's not the strongest MySims game--it feels like a halfway point on the design journey between the games being simplified Sims spinoffs for children and being their own weird things with actual plot--Kingdom has its share of the snappy writing and utter silliness that are a hallmark of the series. Also, if you've ever played a MySims game before (or if you followed my LP of MySims Agents) you'll be seeing a lot of familiar faces here. All the games in the series draw from the same large cast of block-headed mascots, blithely recasting them as necessary.

Kingdom was released in 2008 for both the Wii and the DS, although the two games were significantly different versions of the 'fantasy kingdom' theme. We'll be playing the Wii game, which garnered enough attention at the time to be nominated for some IGN award or something. It was in direct competition with Animal Crossing: Wild World, though, which (rightfully) stomped Kingdom flat. Like most Wii games of the period it suffers from an awkward control scheme--but that's my problem, not yours.

So what will we do in this LP?

We're going to save this broken-down old kingdom from rot and decay, that's what we're going to do! We'll repair old stuff! We'll build new stuff! We'll paint all the stuff! Then we'll decorate that stuff! We'll be fishing and mining and planting and herding and acting and oh my gosh we will do a lot of things. There are a lot of Sims out there and they all need the help of the Royal Wandolier--but, unfortunately for them, they're going to get the Assistant Pig-Boy instead.

We'll also be playing a lot of dress-up. Fantasy dress-up. Nothing wrong with that.

This will be a lightly-narrative screenshot LP with bursts of italics to denote stuff I made up. Updates should drop every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I'm usually pretty good about letting the thread know if the LP is going on hiatus. There will be stuff to vote on later, too!

Please keep any spoilers behind spoiler tags. Also, don't be creepy.

Ep. 1: The Assistant Pig-Boy
Ep. 2: L'enfer, C'est Les Autres
Ep. 3: A Pig-Boy's Tasks Are Never Done
Ep. 4: Sadly, Our Princess Is In THIS Castle
Ep. 5: How To Wand Friends And Influence Mana
Ep. 6: Blah Blah Blah Tutorial Blah
Ep. 7: Hooray, We Win A Lifetime Of Toil In The King's Service
Ep. 8: Wizard Attack
Ep. 9: The Pick-Up Artist
Ep. 10: Up, Up, And Not Away
Ep. 11: Mine, Mine, It's All Mine
Ep. 12: Harboring Fugitives
Ep. 13: Ground Bacon And Bee Pictures
Ep. 14: One Weird Old Pigeon (Discovered By A King)
- Wrap-Up: Capital Island
Ep. 15: Technical Difficulties: Please Bear With Us
Ep. 16: The Matrix Has Them
Ep. 17: Fishing For A Good Fishing Pun To Use In This Title
Ep. 18: Exit, Pursued By A Bear
Ep. 19: The Fabulous Ms. Prissykins
Ep. 20: Some Pig
- Wrap-Up: Renee's Nature Preserve
Ep. 21: Varmint Bacon
Ep. 22: Who Was That Masked Man?
Ep. 23: It Is A Beverly Hills Cop Joke
Ep. 24: Yes, We Have No Tomatoes
Ep. 25: Hyaa!
Ep. 26: Rank Up!
Ep. 27: Burning His Bridges Behind Him
Ep. 28: The Mild West
Ep. 29: Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em On
Ep. 30: I Played With The Law (And The Law Won)
Ep. 31: How To Win Friends And Influence Varmints
Ep. 32: Scrollin' Scrollin' Scrollin'
Ep. 33: Home On The Range
- Wrap-Up: Cowboy Junction
Ep. 34: The 'F' Stands For OH CRAP DUCK
Ep. 35: Rocketry
Ep. 36: OMG Legs
Ep. 37: D.E.S.T.I.N.Y.
Ep. 38: You Spin Me Right Round Baby
Ep. 40: I Sing The Body Electric
Ep. 41: Not To Praise Him
Ep. 42: Big Goddamn Hero
Ep. 43: Dine And Dash
Ep. 44: Ground Control To Major Tom
- Wrap-Up: Rocket Reef
Ep. 45: Bait And Switch
Ep. 46: Behind The 8-Ball
Ep. 47: Break It Down: Level Up!
Ep. 48: Candypalooza Power & Light
Ep. 49: Too Crabby To Dance
- Wrap-Up: Candypalooza
Ep. 50: Elves, Schmelves
Ep. 51: Frog Berries
Ep. 52: One Froggy Evening
Ep. 53: All Creatures Great And Small
Ep. 54: We Will Rock You
- Wrap-Up: The Forest Of The Elves
Ep. 55: This Side Of Paradise
Ep. 56: Trouble In Paradise
Ep. 57: Cheeseburger In Paradise
Ep. 58: Paradise Lost
Ep. 59: Paradise Regained
- Wrap-Up: Cutopia
Ep. 60: 2Spoopy4U
Ep. 61: The Biting Of Faces
Ep. 62: It Was A Graveyard Smash
Ep. 63: Horror Of Horrors
Ep. 64: Adhering To Spookane's Zoning Laws
Ep. 65: Morcubusted
- Wrap-Up: Spookane
- Second Time Around: Capital Island, Part 1
- Second Time Around: Capital Island, Part 2
- Second Time Around: Renee's Nature Preserve/Cowboy Junction, Part 1
- Second Time Around: Cowboy Junction, Part 2
- Second Time Around: Cowboy Junction, Part 3
Ep. 66: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Must Die
Ep. 67: Acting!!
Ep. 68: What, And Leave Show Business?
Ep. 69: Extended Chase Sequence
Ep. 70: Show, Don't Tell
- Wrap-Up: Trevor Island
- Second Time Around: Rocket Reef, Part 1
- Second Time Around: Rocket Reef, Part 2
- Second Time Around: Candypalooza
- Second Time Around: The Forest Of The Elves, Part 1
- Second Time Around: The Forest Of The Elves, Part 2
Ep. 71: She's Got No Class
Ep. 72: Another Kind Of Gritty Realism
Ep. 73: A Game Of Telephone
Ep. 74: Welcome To The Friendzone, Population: Well, Everyone, Really
Ep. 75: Extremely No
Ep. 76: Dorm Life
Ep. 77: Cyrano de Bergerac
Ep. 78: So Cute I May Barf
Ep. 79: So Cute I May Barf (Endless Summer Remix)
- Wrap-Up: The Royal Academy
- Second Time Around: Cutopia, Part 1
- Second Time Around: Cutopia, Part 2
- Second Time Around: Spookane, Part 1
- Second Time Around: Spookane, Part 2
- Second Time Around: Trevor Island
Ep. 80: Nothing Is Wrong Here, Citizen, Please Move Along
Ep. 81: Lyndsay Has Learned Nothing From History
Ep. 82: A Shocking Lack Of Regard For Pretty Much Everything
- Wrap-Up: The Uncharted Isle
- Second Time Around: The Royal Academy, Girls' Side
- Second Time Around: The Royal Academy, Boys' Side
- Second Time Around: The Uncharted Isle
Ep. 83: A Magical Land Of No Responsibility

- Box art, front and back
- Opening Movie (Polsy'd)
- Closing Credits (Polsy'd)

Possessed Halloween Sam, from SystemLogoff! Check out the extra-possessed thumbnail:


ultrafilter points out that Morcubus' frilly cuffs and white gloves make him look like he's flipping the bird with both hands; CapitanGarlic does the necessary with style and panache.

Click here for the full 702x1600 image
Captain Fargle makes a sweet prediction as to how the game will end, and may not be too far off the mark!
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