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by Magnatux

Part 1: The Arrival

Log Entry 1
The Arrival

So there I was, in the back of the library, browsing through some old books, when I found this one. It had no writing on it... just a picture on one of the pages. Not so odd, until I realized this picture was moving.

Amazed, I watched it... it flew around a sort of island... I felt drawn into the book, and moved my hand towards it...

I was surrounded by darkness... I felt absolutely nothing for an instant, and next thing I knew...

I was on some sort of dock. Ahead was a staircase with a kind of... switch to the side, gears on a landing above. To my right, a ship... a sunken ship. Where was this ship from? What brought it here? Most importantly... where am I?

I believe I'll investigate more.

Log Entry 2
The Note

I checked out the gigantic gears at the top of the staircases, but there was nothing obviously important. I did notice there was a switch like the one on the dock.

I flipped them both up and down, and couldn't remember what they had been before, so I just left them up.

I had walked along the building right above the dock, and turned onto a wooden path way when I found this note:

Marker Switches? Imager? By the dock? I must go back down there and find out what he is talking about...
Entry 3
Lost Effort

I spent the last day exploring around the dock, and looking elsewhere for any kind of food. Nothing on either effort. Fortunately, I don't feel hungry. Hopefully I'll find this chamber and view this message soon.
Entry 4
The Pool Chamber

Well what do you know, I leaned back on the dock wall to write about not finding the Imager, and a door opened. I will immediately venture inside.

What's that down in the chamber? A pool?

Is this the imager Atrus wrote about?

It must be.

Found this to the left of the stairs:

Aha! So this is the Imager!

What's that green light in the corner? It's raised from the wall...

Marker Switch Simulation:

Topographical Extrusion Test:

But the note mentioned the number of marker switches on the island...
I guess more exploring is required. I could randomly guess, but there's no telling what the imager will do if I put in the wrong numbers. I could delete the very message I am trying to find. Clearly, I can't take any chances.
Entry 5
The Observatory

The first two switches I had already found before the note, the one by the dock and the one by the gears. I will call these the Sunken Ship Switch and the Gear Switch.

Anyway, I went back to where I found the note, on the wooden path above the dock, and found the front of the building that has been overshadowing the dock since I got here. I call it the Observatory.

Turned right here

It also has a switch. For the sake of organization, this is the Observatory Switch. It was down, and I made a note of it, so I put it back down.

When I opened the door, I saw what looked like a dentist's chair, but went inside anyway.

I noticed a panel above the chair, and decided sitting down seemed to be the only way to see what it was.

The panel above the chair.

...nothing. The screen was too bright. I could only see faint dots. I decided to get up...

and sat in the chair to look at the panel again. This time, it worked.

But other than stars, nothing was there. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with anything.

So I decided to explore some more...