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Part 11: Well at least it's not a sewer dungeon...

Since I managed to post it on the bottom of the page:

Today we begin the fire region proper. First of all, as I noted last time, anytime you travel between locations on the world map, you get this:

Every. Single. Time. Every. Single. Location. And it won't stop until we save the Crystal of Fire. You excited yet? I know I am.

First up are those battlefields we skipped last time. There's going to be quite a lot of them this update (5, in fact).

First new enemy is the Jelly. They've picked up Dissolve as a more powerful attack, but are otherwise the same as the Slimes from way back when in the Level Forest. They're weak to bombs, but I could kill them with Knight's Sword, let alone the Mega Grenades, so you should have no trouble here.

Reuben's weapon is considered an axe attack. I guess it kind of makes sense, but I'd more likely call it "developers being lazy and didn't want to implement a 'blunt' weapon type."

Our first prize of the day is a fair amount of cash. Not too bad.

Cleaning out the second nets us the Gemini Crest, which lets us access more of those teleporters. As far as I know, it's not necessary to finish the game, but don't hold me to that. Also, there's a red pallet swap of the Edge Hogs here I didn't take a shot of (I was trying to find two at once and couldn't, and then didn't run into any in the Mine). They've picked up Poison Sting, but since we're immune to two of their three status ailments now, they're no trouble.

Plant Men have gained Poison Thorn, but are still weak to axes. There is no reason you should be falling to these, ever.

Not bad. Again, exp is probably the worst thing we can get from a battlefield, but this isn't too bad of a total.

On the way to the Mine, we've got two more battlefields to clear out.

Flazzards are a step up from the Basilisks. They've gained Flame and Para-Stare, but they'll still go down to Reuben.

This one nets us a very nice chunk of change.

Red Caps are where this family of enemies really starts to be a bitch. They've got all their physical attacks and Stare, and they've gained Hypno-Sleep. Still one-shotted by Reuben, so take advantage of that.

Clearing this final one out nets us Thunder, our first Wizard spell.

The Mine. Where the Wintry Cave at least had the decency to be short, easy, and have nothing of consequence, the Mine is none of these things. It's short, yes, but there's treasure that requires you to take the other path you wouldn't have to normally, the enemies are much tougher for where they are, and it still serves no real purpose in the plot.

Oh yeah, and it reuses the Falls Basin music. Again.

Red Bones are upgraded Skeletons. They're weak to water. In fact, pretty much everything in this area is weak to water, and unless I say otherwise it's probably safe to assume something's weak to it.

Mega Grenades, as the name implies, can be thrown a few spaces to their intended target. There will be "puzzles" that incorporate this in the future.

This first side room has Heal and Cure Potions. You have to fight down both lines of enemies to get them though.

Zombies are the last new enemy this update. They can poison with Rotton Mucus, paralyze with Body Odor, and have a couple physical attacks.

They have Para-touch, but it's rendered harmless by the fact of us having the Venus Shield and Reuben killing them anyway. They can also multiply, so if there are any open spots, they will clone themselves (with their current HP), but they won't go beyond what the battle started with as far as I know, and the clones don't give any extra exp/GP.

Aside from the conveyor belts (one-way, of course), this dungeon's other gimmick is one-way elevators.

Tucked away in the second side room is the Charm Claw. Like all the Claw weapons, it's the weakest of its tier, but the Charm Claw is where the claws start getting really fun. It inflicts Sleep, Blindness, Poison, Paralysis, and Confusion, so if you can stomach the lack of damage, enemies can get fucked up pretty well.

The Charm Claw changes the scratches from yellow to blue.

Last side room.

Right path leads nowhere, left brings you up and around for some bombs, not worth your time, blah, blah, blah.

Boss time.

The Jinn can be a bit of an asshole depending on how unlucky you get. His big attack is Flame Sweep, which will do about 250 damage to you and about 125 to Reuben, and if he decides to spam it, you can find yourself in a very bad situation very quickly. He also has the single-target Fire, which isn't quite as powerful, but can still hurt you a bit, as can his physical attacks.

Beam is a single target attack, but it hits for over 300 damage. Very painful, and will probably kill you outright and come very close to doing so to Reuben if it criticals.

Blizzard's animation is funny. It's the basic water spell, as you could probably guess, but it won't be seeing much use, as we just got Thunder and we'll have an even better spell next update.

In the end though, he's still just a sub-boss in a really boring dungeon, and all the beams in the world won't change that.

Last room. Lots of explosives here, but it's so far in the dungeon it's not worth going through just to restock.

I don't think that counts as "blowing it up" Reuben.

Okay, that's a little more impressive, but it's still not blowing it up.

Right. You two be careful!

And we're done with this shithole.

That boulder, having rolled out of the way to the north, also allows us to access the temple to the south there. Back to Fireburg.

The Crystal of Fire is in the Lava Dome!

All that for this?

Next Time: More filler with repeated gimmicks!