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Part 17: Welcome to Windia

Music: Windia

Our first stop today is Windia. As you can probably guess, we're finally at the "proper" wind part of the game. Why is it called Windia (aside from terrible punnery)?

Because the wind is constantly blowing. Mind you, it's completely cosmetic (), but it's a nice little touch.

Who the hell is Norma? Furthermore, why should I care?

First up, hit this house. Yes, we want this. We want it very, very badly.

See that? Resistance to confusion? That's two of the three big ailments down. Unfortunately we won't be getting petrification off the list until the final dungeon.

Anyway, the townsfolk all have things to say like "I can't go out and play in this wind!" and shit, so we'll skip right to the plot.

But the powerful wind from Mt. Gale broke the road-making machine. Norma's stuck there until the winds die down.

Great idea Kaeli. In fact, let's go right now.

On second thought, let's not. There's battlefields to take care of.

Blah, experience. Next!

Water Hags are the upgraded forms of the Desert Hags from the Water region. They still counter, and they've gained Whirlwater, which will hit both characters for a minimal amount of damage, given that both Kaeli and Art are resistant to water. Fire will eat through them quickly, but it's just as easy to whack 'em the old fashioned way. This battlefield gives 2700 exp. for cleaning it out.

Mount Gale is another short, easy dungeon. It doesn't have very many enemies, but there are a ton of blocked paths and such so you'll be spending most of your time running around trying to find a way around that conveniently placed rock. Same music as Rope Bridge (though it'd probably be more accurate to say the Rope Bridge uses Mt. Gale's music).

Vampires aren't very threatening. Their physical attacks hit for about 150 damage, and their magic is really shitty. Their best attack is Typhoon, which will hit both characters for about 200 damage.

Mt. Gale's level design isn't the most inspired thing in the world. Imagine this, copy and pasted about 10 or 15 times.

Okay, there's hookshotting too.

I will never get tired of seeing this screen. Not ever.

There's the boss. Unfortunately, we have to take the long way around.

Before we pound his face in, though, let's grab this little goody, tucked away above the boss.

The Apollo helm is kind of underwhelming, especially after just getting the Cupid's Locket. It gives a little more defense, but no new resistances or anything.

But you'll never meet him!

I like this guy already. A shame he's reduced to a midboss.

So, Dullahan. He's a lot harder than you'd expect, especially after Gidrah. He's incredibly resistant to magic (Meteor was doing about 500 damage to him), but he's least resistant to wind (doing about 700 with Aero), so stick with that for a magical offense.

His attacks consist of three or four moves that hit like a fucking truck. Headdoomerang will hit both characters for 325+ damage, Rapier for over 450 to one, Thunder Beam for 500 to one, and just for shits and giggles, Hypno-sleep and Doom Dance (which is a more accurate Doom Powder). Keep in mind that our characters have about 1200 HP at this point.

Eventually, he goes down. Killed Kaeli quite a few times though.

And that's it. No after-battle exposition, no crystal or other reward.

Next time: There's always a tower.