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Mystic Quest

by Artix74

Part 19: In which nothing happens

Now that we've saved all four crystals, it's time to finally save Captain Mac. First stop, back to Otto's.

Coersion at it's finest, Art.


The sweet embrace of death was too much to hope for, I take it?

Metal Gear A stairway, Colonel?!?

Set a bomb there, and the water from the Upper Lake will spill into the dry lake!

The last time we tried to use explosives to save Captain Mac, the place collapsed. Why is everyone so keen to keep using them?

If you power the Rainbow Road Machine with Thunder Rock, you can reach Spencer's Place!

That's nice Reuben, no one cares about you.

What? No, what are you saying Art?

Well, might as well get this over with.

... He's gained one level over Kaeli, has gained hardly any strength (he does less damage than Kaeli did, actually), and has picked up one new spell, which is a wizard spell with seven charges and runs off of his shitty magic stat. I guess it's better than having Thunder or a Black Magic, but still.

Off to Fireburg, I suppose.

...Should I even ask where you were keeping that thing?

Whatever, back to Windia.

One more little walk offscreen and...

That's a hell of a machine you've got there Otto.

Oh for god's sake Reuben, you too?

Oh. I stand corrected I suppose.

Before we head back, there's one more thing we need to get here.

Tucked away all the way in the back of Spencer's Place is the Mobius Crest. This one is mandatory to finish the game (unlike the Gemini Crest), so make sure you grab it.

Now we can head back and see Kaeli.

To the Ship Dock, then. The teleporter is in some old couple's basement in Windia, which strikes me as a little odd, but hey.

I was expecting something a little...bigger?