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Part 15: The Worst Kind of Phoenix

15. The Worst Kind of Phoenix

Wow, very smooth. A master of persuasion if I’ve ever seen one.

Hmm, must have died in the fight with Pazuzu and now Shrug’s in hell?

Yeah! And guess what I found when I fell?

Another bridge to fall off of? I hope?

A stairway to the top of the Focus Tower!

I guess you could fall from that...


Oh, wait, he might seriously be confused by the idea of a stairway.


Go to Spencer’s tunnel. Set a bomb there, and the water from the Upper Lake will spill into the dry lake!

But Spencer’s tunnel has caved in.

There is one way... if you power the Rainbow Road Machine with Thunder Rock, you can reach Spencer’s Place!

Dad will know about this!

Shrug, you fool! No!

Reuben and I know the Focus Tower well, so we’ll be back from Fireburg in no time.

what are you saying you stupid fucker

Of course.

This is pretty much the biggest step back imaginable. He’s weaker than Kaeli in literally every single way besides HP and even then he’s only ahead by 40 HP. Shrug, of all people, hits harder than him. Sure, he picked up White, but that’s not enough.

Just... let’s just go to Fireburg. Maybe Reuben will get hit by a boulder or something.

Speaking of boulders, have you been in bed this whole time?

Of course! Wait a second.

Were you just sleeping with this thing or...?

We’re accomplishing things!?

Okay, knock ‘em out!

Yeah. Like father, like son.


Ha ha ha fuck you Reuben

Sounds great! I’ll let you handle that. I’ll, uh... supervise.


Let’s tell Kaeli.

But before we go get Captain Mac, there’s something grab way in the back here.

Unlike the Gemini Crest, we need this to finish the game.

You’re telling me that this all came from Aquaria??

And that this is a lake???

Before we head back to Otto, I remembered that TooMuchAbstraction in the thread mentioned there’s a Chocobo hidden in Windia. This is all it does though, so I think it’s here just in case you forgot this is a Final Fantasy game!!

But the ship’s full of monsters. Let us go first.

How do you know this? Also she’s stronger than both of you, you douchebag.

Give this Captain Cap to Dad when you find him. Then he’ll know I’m coming.

Your family is weird, Kaeli.

Windia is really pretty when the lake is restored

The teleporter to reach the ship dock is in the seed vendor’s house. ...I don’t know why?

Okay, this is really more of a dinghy.

Next time: The elusive Captain Mac and timely, revolutionary internet memes