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Part 11: Giant Tree, Windia, Mt. Gale

A giant tree and a giant update for my giant friends!

Giant Tree, Windia, Mt. Gale

Yeaaaaaaaah, these guys are fucked. Most of the monsters inside the Giant Tree have a glaring, obvious weakness, be it axes (the worms, oddly enough called Leeches, these trees, some of the bugs) or Aero (the undead). Steve and Kaeli have both of them so this goes about as smoothly as Ice Golem.

Inside the tree are these wooden posts, which are of course anchor points for the Dragon Claw.

Working our way around to here, which leads up. Pretty simple start.

Note the red chest. Obviously something good, but how do we get to it? Well, we just wander south and inside a door/mouth/whatever...

Not only is the tree larger inside than outside, this room is larger inside than outside. The mushrooms can be cut down with axes. These toad enemies counterattack everything with poison, which Steve is immune to but Kaeli is not. Damage is dealt either way, it just hurts Steve less. Hooray for idiotic counterattacks! At least it's not petrify.

New Wizard spell! Meteor is usually stronger than White, but not always.

More things to latch onto, and gaps. Oddly enough, you can't fall down this gap so I'm not even sure what it's there for.

If you crawl down these vines, though, you will fall. With one exception, you never have to do this to proceed; it's strictly to exit faster (if for some reason you don't want to just use Exit). At first it seems there's nowhere else to go but down on this floor, however...

...we have just enough reach to snag this post and head west and up.

Oh man, it's like an axe party and everyone's invited.

Stabbing these faces makes them go from to and opens the way. It seems a little rude to the tree but I guess he doesn't care.

For this part, you have to climb, release, and hit A again so that you latch on to the lower climb points. Strangely, this is harder than it sounds, despite being quite easy.

Axe parties are so 4F; now it's an Aero party.

The boss is a Godzilla villain, but his lackeys fall to Aero and he's quickly wasted by Meteor. He can paralyze and petrify but the paralysis is nothing to worry about since Kaeli isn't much use beyond healing on this fight. Aero does okay damage but it's not really comparable to Wizard spells.

The tree is grateful and offers to carry us. I would submit to you that he's already carrying me, but I suppose now he's actually going to do something besides complain.

So it turns out the giant-ass tree can move, which is handy. The trees in the background spell something. From what I can see, it says GOON KID!!. I have no idea why.

Anyway, we can finally go to Windia. The temple to the south has a Mobius Crest teleporter, which is useless to us. It won't be all that useful even after I have the Mobius Crest, but it's worth noting it's there. There are also some battlefields which feature Alive Forest enemies, and most notably, some fish guys who are susceptible to petrify and instantly killed by the Dragon Claw.

And here's Windia, where it's windy. Really, really windy.

Shutters clang, the weathervane spins, it's pretty neat actually.

Someone is missing. Big surprise. I'm sure they're somewhere I'll have to go anyway.

The Cupid Locket is the final accessory for Steve, and in addition to Silence protection from before it blocks Blind and Confusion, which reduces the number of stupid things that can happen to our hero to about two or three.

Sir, I cannot believe that one man can ever truly have too many explosives.

Sounds reasonable. Not that I couldn't just go back to Fireburg for seeds.

Now that we know where the Crest is, we can get it, or could get it if we could access it from this side of the world (remember, Phoebe blew up the Aquaria end).

Oh Pazuzu, you are one funny fellow, invading towers built by renowned scientists for no reason.

One would think growing up in the wind city would accustom you to playing in the wind, but I guess this is abnormal or something.

Otto is too absentminded, but it turns out that Norma is his daughter (shocking!) and that she's trapped in Pazuzu's Tower (doubly shocking!). It'd be possible to rescue her if the wind were a little calmer, so I guess we have to fix that.

Kaeli thinks the Wind Crystal is on Mt. Gale, which shows how far ahead in the script she's read. In fact, as the boss of the area will point out, the entire dungeon is a waste of your time, because the Wind Crystal is in Pazuzu's Tower.

Of course it's not a complete waste; Steve snags the final helmet from this (no new status protections though), and the wind inexplicably stops for no reason even though Dullahan wasn't responsible for it or something. Oh well.