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Part 12: Pazuzu's Tower

Pazuzu's Tower

Pazuzu's Tower is probably the most annoying dungeon in the game, despite also being the most clever. It's a seven-story tower with a central elevator. Pazuzu waits on the elevator, but whenever you get close to him he taunts you and flees to another floor. Also you can only go to the odd-numbered floors at first until you reach the roof. The way you're supposed to do this is to climb to the roof, chasing Pazuzu all the way, then chase him down the tower flicking switches that stop the elevator from passing that floor until he's finally cornered. Along the way you'll get all the good treasures and fight all the annoying status-inflicting monsters. It can easily take 40 minutes to an hour.

That is, of course, if you do it the bullshit "right" way. I have a better plan. (Yeah, the quality sucks, but this is the last long dungeon I'm going to video and I wanted to get the size of it down to reasonable levels. Not much happens anyway)

Anyway, with that out of the way, Flare acquired, and Norma rescued, there's only one thing left to get in the tower.

Okay, best sword and most damaging weapon in hand. Now let's Exit the hell out of here.

That took like 15 minutes, tops. Fuck Pazuzu's Tower.

At last, recognition!

I swear, you cheat fate, fate comes right back to bitchslap you by forcing Reuben back into your party. At least he sucks slightly less now, having gained in levels and actually learned a useful spell. Hilariously, we won't actually get much chance to use it! Poor Reuben, I almost feel sorry for you now.

Anyway, we've got to go back to Fireburg and check with Arion about a Thunder Rock, but before we go...

Master burn. I love you, Otto.

So it's off to Fireburg, where Arion fishes a Thunder Rock from under his pillow or something. I have no idea why he's keeping it wherever the hell he's keeping it, but he doesn't have to leave the bed to give it to me. I'm sorely tempted to wash my hands.

I didn't cut any dialogue, Otto is just very businesslike about this whole Thunder Rock thing. I guess when you harnessed all the world's gay pride to create a rainbow strong enough to actually walk across, you really don't need to offer further explanation. Come to think of it, maybe this narrows down where Arion was keeping that thing.

The rainbow road can at last reach Spencer's Place, which as you may have last recalled was blown up by Phoebe.

Inside, Reuben immediately throws a grenade at the first wall he sees. Somehow, this doesn't kill him or Steve and actually manages to fill the lake! Now, I'm no fluid engineer or anything, but the lake up by Aquaria was, last I checked, really small compared to the nigh-bottomless lake at Windia. So I'm not sure how saving Captain Mac and Windia is going to help when Aquaria is going to drain itself dry within a week. But I already saved the Water quarter of the world, who gives a shit.

Reuben's in a hurry to leave, but before we go, there's a few things in Spencer's newly-renovated Place that need doing.

First we climb down here... we can throw a bomb over there (you can't do it from inside)...

...and teleport from this Libra Crest... finally acquire the Mobius Crest, which I need to get to the Ship Doc where Captain Mac's Ship is now.

Pretty. Shame about the Aquarians and all though.

Kaeli would probably just get petrified or poisoned or blinded or something and I've already got enough deadweight thanks to Reuben, so I snag her dad's hat which will somehow prove I'm a friend and not a pair of creepy thugs who beat up his daughter and stole his hat. What's funny is we're going to rob his ship blind so there's really more evidence for the latter, but he's very trusting.

Remember how the old man said I could get to the dock from his basement? He wasn't kidding, although this makes no sense at all.

The ship looked a lot bigger from a distance. But much like the Giant Tree, it's much bigger inside.