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Myth II: Soulblighter

by Sevron

Part 21: Redemption

Monday, March 2, Muirthemne

At long last, the Heron Guard bother to show up. Oh, did I say show up? That’s right, they’ve been here all along! Take a bow, shovel hobos! You see kids, long ago, the Heron Guard proved to be a bunch of failures- they were granted immortality, and all they had to do in return was not let the Cath Bruig Emperor die. But he was, in fact, murdered. Rather than avenge his death, the Heron Guard chose to throw away their swords and become Journeymen. They went West, and simply watched as Balor proceeded to murder every man, woman, and child left alive. Balor would have succeeded, had not a very desperate ploy of Alric’s worked, and even then, the last city was being sacked. Even while the last light of humanity was guttering, the Heron Guard chose their sense of honor above all else, even the lives of the innocent.

They are wankers of the first order. One can only hope Alric will have them put to death when this is all over.

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Well at least the Heron Guard live up to their reputation.

Let's look at the scoreboard:
Kills Over Time
Total Kills by Unit

Note that the score presentation has changed slightly. I’m sure we’ll all get used to it.

This time, we met Mykridian Giants. Hope we don’t see them again!