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Myth II: The Fallen Levels

by Sevron

Part 6: The Siege of Madrigal

Friday August 8, Otter Ferry
The combined armies of the North attack Shiver by surprise.

I know that I like to say that every mission with me is a suicide mission, but that would seem to be literally true this time. This is actually a pretty decent plan, I just wish we weren’t the bait. We are to attach Shiver’s camp and get as much attention as possible before fleeing. Err, strategically withdrawing.

Let's Play! Myth 2: The Fallen Levels 04- The Siege of Madrigal | YouTube

So as you can see, the plan went off without a hitch and I performed flawlessly! Right up until the end, anyway.

Let's look at the scoreboard:
Kills Over Time
Total Kills by Unit

We met wights this time! Oh boy!