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Myth II: The Fallen Levels

by Sevron

Part 13: The Five Champions

Wednesday November 19, The Barrier
The Five Champions approach The Deceiver’s camp.

And now for something completely different- welcome to the all-hero level of the game! This is where you really let your micromanaging skills shine. It’s also where we start spending a little more time with Alric, an Avatara of The Nine.

Let's Play! Myth 2: The Fallen Levels 10- The Five Champions | YouTube

Nobody named got in the fight this time, but I just had to call that journeyman Meg. Because he is totally the Meg of the group. And the source of the false-advertising for this level. He’s no champion!

Let's look at the scoreboard:
Kills Over Time
Total Kills by Unit

Hero units galore! We also met our first member of The Nine, although he seems to be out of sorts at the moment.