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Myth II: The Fallen Levels

by Sevron

Part 14: Out of the Barrier

Wednesday November 19, The Barrier
The Five Champions flee with Alric.

We continue our quest to save Alric with our four heroes and a journeyman. As an avatara, Alric has super-human endurance, hits harder than any other melee unit in the game, and has a powerful attack called Dispersal Dream. I’m just telling you this for kicks and giggles- Alric in this level just wanders about like a drunken hippy six hours into a Phish concert.

Let's Play! Myth 2: The Fallen Levels 11- Out of the Barrier | YouTube

So OK, Alric gave us a little taste of what he can do. I love his epic trash-talking: “I HAVE seen the last of you!” Minor nit though- didn’t Mazzarin die during the previous age? How would Alric have seen Sinis get stomped by Mazzarin?

Let's look at the scoreboard:
Kills Over Time
Total Kills by Unit

Alric got in on the action this time. It’d be nice if we got to use him more often. Also, we met Shades- sadly, not for the last time.

And Happy Easter!