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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 10: Extras for Tutorial & Crow's Bridge

Extras - Sounds

The start menu cycles between three pieces of background music. The first of those is the same composition as one of the Myth soundtrack pieces: 06 The Fallen Lords.mp3

The other two shorter pieces don't directly correspond to anything in the soundtrack: screen startup 2.mp3, screen startup 3.mp3

Crow's Bridge briefing music, from the soundtrack: 02 Crow's Bridge.mp3

Post-mission victory music: screen win.mp3 (this is actually a remix of a "main theme" that we'll hear a couple of missions from now)

The post-mission defeat music is just a few loops of percussion + ominous bass spliced together in random order.

Extras - Mission Images

The gamedata for Crow's Bridge contains two pre-mission images that were not used in-game; I don't know why. These images show the villagers begging and then bargaining for help.

If you lose the mission, you are treated with this sight:

Extras - Units

Below are some pieces of concept and production art for the unit types that we've seen so far; click on the thumbnail to get the large/original version. Note that the sprites in the game were rendered from 3D models rather than hand-drawn, since they needed to generate a large number of poses and angles, so that's what the wireframes and textured models are about.




The Dwarf unit has an unused animation, perhaps once intended for a taunt:



Craig Mullins, a prolific game and movie concept artist, has done several pieces for Bungie games; here's his rendition of a Thrall: