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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 105: The Last Battle - units

New Units - The Dark

Balor There's no description for Balor in the manual. Here's a blurb about him from the GURPS Myth handbook.

GURPS Myth posted:

The Leveller, the god who created himself, Connacht reborn: Nothing about Balor suggested that he was anything less than the Dark lord of a new age, destined to triumphantly usher in a new era of heartbreak and horror.

Clad in plate and wielding an exotic broadsword, Balor may have exemplified the perfect blend of mastering the martial and the mystic. He rarely let his Dark emotions override his keen sense of strategy, subverting foes whose price proved less than that he would pay to slay them. He used mighty magics, though favoring "behind the scenes" spells that created formidable troops or effects but left him free to lead during the battle proper. And he possessed incredible prowess in a fight, sufficient to face any Avatara on at least equal terms.

Balor was only defeated by a combination of arch-magery, a mighty artifact, and trickery. Anything less would not have sufficed.

Flavor texts:

"Second Era tradition tells of a hero rising in the East, who loosened the bloodless grip of the wicked things which had dominated his land for time beyond memory ... "

"On the day Muirthemne was razed, the sun rose to reveal an army that seemed to stretch across the horizon, and at its center stood Balor with his standard silhouetted against the morning sun."