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Part 109: The Great Devoid - recap

Mission Recap

Game film: None. You don't get a chance to save & rename the film after this mission; I was going to remember to manually copy it aside, but then I accidentally overwrote it. I guess of all the files to lose during an LP, this isn't too bad.

So: Balor's head = evil gory Companion Cube. No? Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish; we've dumped him into the cosmic garbage disposal, and hopefully that's the end of it.

The Soulblighter-heal solution needs some close timing for minimal casualties; you have to hang back with your jman so that Soulblighter doesn't attack him, but if you're too slow on the heal, Soulblighter will kill your meatshield(s). I don't think a zerk can survive two of those hits, so I guess Soulblighter had his second strike interrupted either by a zerk hit or by the heal.

The Soulblighter-decoy solution is also fiddly to optimize. You want your decoy on the opposite side of the Devoid from your head-carrier, and you want Soulblighter as far from your decoy as possible (to make him run a long way) while still being closer to the decoy than to your head-carrier. You can't move units around the back side of the Devoid, and Soulblighter will wander around and stand at odd spots, so this placement can be difficult.

But if you're just interested in a successful decoy, rather than minimal casualties, all you really need is for Soulblighter to be closer to some other unit than to your head-carrier. Then you can run him through a series of decoys (rather than just one decoy) while your carrier breaks for the Devoid; it takes Soulblighter a little bit of time to kill each one, and you can also make him run a longer path overall than in the one-decoy setup (where he makes a beeline from decoy to head-carrier). N.B. I've only tried this with dwarves, so I'm not sure if other unit types will be good decoys. As I mentioned in the video I haven't really figured out the Soulblighter AI.

The ending cutscene strongly implies that the Devoid eruption obliterated the surrounding Light and Dark units, but I'm choosing to only include stuff killed during the mission for my casualty count. As for Soulblighter, he was seen taking off at the last second, but possibly the eruption and/or the destruction of Balor's head finally did him in.

Probably best not to count on that.

However, that is a problem for some other day. This is the end of the campaign for "Myth: The Fallen Lords".

Click on the overhead map below if you'd like to see the full-resolution landscape texture.


And the final bodycount: