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Part 110: The Great Devoid - units

New Units - The Dark

Soulblighter There's no description for Soulblighter in the manual. Here's a blurb about him from the GURPS Myth handbook, slightly edited.

GURPS Myth posted:

First among Balor's lieutenants, at the time Soulblighter was the only Fallen Lord who wasn't an archmage -- simply a magically augmented warrior of epic potential. Only his bloodlust matched his martial magnificence -- swords and arrows would bounce off him by the score as he annihilated entire armies with his glaive. Soulblighter strove to leave no living thing in his wake.

Alric believed Soulblighter was the reincarnation of Damas, Connacht's lieutenant who led the ancient emperor's quest to rid Myth of magical artifacts.

Flavor texts:

"... some believe that he is Damas, one of Connacht's lieutenants who, while campaigning in the east, learned how to indefinitely prolong his life with human sacrifices and ritual self-mutilation."

"... but he has disappeared into the 'Untamed Lands' before, often for years at a time; always returning with something more unspeakably evil or singularly malignant than the time before."