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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 111: Extras for The Great Devoid

Extras - Sounds

Briefing & epilogue music, from the soundtrack: 19 Epilogue.mp3

Extras - Mission Images

The unused pre-mission images show Alric's trump card, and also our head-carrier coming across something that is probably a bad omen when you are dealing with a foe who travels in crow-flock-form.

The defeat screen shows Soulblighter and his new buddy. Nice pants, Soulblighter.

In the final cutscene, the zerk is pelted with bits from various Light and Dark units. One bit in particular is amusing, being a familiar noggin in its coveted hat (lower left):

Undoubtedly just an Easter Egg rather than an actual plot point, as we have no reason to believe there were any avatara near ground zero.

Extras - Units


A huge painting courtesy of Craig Mullins: