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by Johnny Law

Part 117: Multiplayer - video (Desert Territories x 2, Mudpit Bacon)

None of this touchy-feely co-op stuff; we must kill each other like men!

I should probably point out a couple of things for people who haven't played MP, specifically about the differences between what you see in game film and what you see while playing.

First: in competitive MP each team has their own "fog of war"; you can only see an enemy unit (or its dot on the minimap) if it is within perception range of one of your own team's units. In game film playback, there is no fog of war and so you can see all units all the time.

Second: Myth has two types of in-game chat: "whisper" (seen only by your teammates) and "yell" (seen by everybody). In game film playback, you can see all chat by all players, including whispers, which can be pretty funny sometimes. Since we have most people on Skype there are fewer yells than usual, so most of the chat you see on-screen in the films is whispering meant for teammates.

Territories on The Desert Between Your Ears

Territories on The Desert Between Your Ears

Steal the Bacon on Mudpit Massacre