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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 19: The Siege of Madrigal - units

New Units - The Dark

Wights Description:
A stitched up corpse, given new life by dark magic as a breeding ground for virulent disease and foul decay. The wight shambles up to its target and plunges its dagger into its gas-filled body causing it to explode, shaking the earth around it, destroying anything in its immediate vicinity and coating everything with a thin film of pus, which induces a brief paralysis.

Alternately, you can order a Wight to detonate itself by using the Special Action Key.

Flavor texts:

" ... though the dwarves before Myrgard were unshaken by the wights opposite them, each knew the slow, bleeding death-fever which awaited those who survived the battle."

"... but they were not driven to attack by malice, what goaded them forward was the pain clouded thought of release from an anguish so singular that it wracked their bodies even in unlife."