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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 20: Extras for The Siege of Madrigal

Extras - Sounds

Myth has several iconic, instantly recognizable musical themes. "The Siege of Madrigal" is one of them... might be my favorite. We've heard a version of it on the victory screen for each mission, but now we get to hear it in its most well-known form: 04 The Siege of Madrigal.mp3

It says something about the Myth story that this elegiac theme is the background music for every victory screen. And it may be the theme mostly widely associated with Myth, even more so than the track "The Fallen Lords" that we heard earlier.

As I believe Cooked Auto mentioned in the Halo LP, "The Siege of Madrigal" is hidden in Halo as an "easter egg". Turns out that it is also hidden in Halo 2 and in Halo 3. (If anyone knows of a better-quality video of the Halo 2 instance let me know.)

Extras - Mission Images

The unused pre-mission image shows our force approaching the darkened village, innocent of the pus-filled explodiness that awaits them.

The defeat screen shows a couple of soulless posing with their kills. Bastards.

Extras - Units


The Wight unit has an unused animation. Probably a taunt; since taunt animations fire at the end of a mission when you win, this may be the wight wiping his brow in relief that he made it through intact:

Finally here's a short "fan art" movie starring the wight. Not made by me, but I like it!