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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 26: Flight From Covenant - units

New Units - The Light

Warrior Captains Description:
There's no description for Warrior Captains in the manual. They are basically warriors with built-in veterancy and extra health. They are visually indistiguishable from warriors, except that (in the campaign) they will have a different color scheme.

New Units - The Dark

Myrmidons Description:
A race of warriors who betrayed the light when Balor promised them immortality. Three hundred years later, their decayed bodies still walk, held together only by rotting bandages and the desire to rend flesh from the bodies of the living.

Myrmidons carry two Gridaksma Blades, composed of a human femur capped on each end with the steel blade of a scythe. A few deft swings will cut a swath through almost anything.

Flavor texts:

Desirous of power and immortality, the warrior race of the Myrmidons left their northern kin to join Balor and the Fallen Lords, and so they became known as The Kithless.

While still flesh and blood, the Myrmidons were most vain about their long hair and body paint, spending the eve of battle before a mirror rather than in a bedroll.