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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 32: Force Ten From Stoneheim - units

New Units - The Light

Berserks Description: Berserks are human warriors from the North who forego conventional armor for the sake of speed. Their bare, battle-scarred flesh doesn't protect them much, but the speed and ferocity of the Berserks' attack gives them a definite edge, especially when they attack in groups. However, their eagerness to attack may make them difficult to control.

Berserks use giant claymores to lop off pieces of their opponents until those opponents stop moving.

Flavor texts:

"A berserk at the Stair of Grief, having been told that the hosts of the Soulless were so many that their spears would hide the sun, is said to have replied 'Then we shall fight them in the shade.'"

"Though Egil and his men bristled with javelins their charge did not falter, and they fell upon the Hollow Men with such ferocity that even the Thrall seemed to be frozen with horror."