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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 36: Bagrada - units

New Units - The Dark

Trow Description:
The Trow are relics from a forgotten age. During the height of their golden age they were responsible for the creation of many complex megalithic structures, but as their civilization declined they began enslaving their lesser brethren, the Oghres, to construct their cyclopean edifices. Finally, during the Wind Age (after many centuries of domination at the hands of their cruel masters), the Oghres attempted to throw off the shackles of Trow tyranny. The resulting war left the Trow city-states severely weakened and the Oghres extinct. The hero Connacht took advantage of this conflict and entombed the Trow where none would ever discover their barrows, and melted their iron cities into the ice. Since that time, the continent has been free of brutalization at their massive hands.

Flavor texts:

"' ... or we will fell your people like a pine forest.' One Ghôl asked why he had singled out pines. 'Once cut, pines never regrow.' spoke the Trow emissary, to which the Ghôls had no answer save silence."

"Initially we thought the barn we were hiding in had been magicked away, but then we saw the unmistakable silhouette of a Trow becoming more and more distinct through the settling dust..."