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Part 40: Ambush at Devil's Overlook - recap

Mission Recap

Game film: LP Ambush at Devil's Overlook (TFL 1.5)

Not a lot more to say about this... it had RECIPE FOR DISASTER written all over it but in practice it turned out surprisingly well.

I guess this mission is also a pretty strong indicator that Bungie is not going to settle into a rut for the rest of the game, just varying the environment textures and showing us a new enemy from time to time. Myth is pretty good at periodically throwing you mission-design curveballs that stretch and distort fundamental bits of gameplay. It does make it more obviously game-y (as opposed to a "cinematic" experience), and folks who would prefer to settle in and refine a particular playstyle could frown on these twists as gimmicks, but personally I appreciate the variety.

Click on the overhead map below if you'd like to see the full-resolution landscape texture.



And the cumulative bodycount: