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by Johnny Law

Part 52: Silvermines - recap

Mission Recap

Game film: LP Silvermines (TFL 1.5)

Seems like the good guys have a plan to go on the offensive. It's also interesting that we're starting to see squabbling among the bad guys at the very highest levels; possibly this is another callout to the Black Company books, although obviously it's a well-used trope.

One thing I didn't mention in the game video is that the MacGuffin artifact has multiple spawnpoints, so even if you've played the mission before you won't at first know which way to go. Gotta follow the jman.

All in all a pretty low-key affair; the crows are undoubtedly disappointed. We'll rectify that in the next campaign mission, but first we'll have a little interlude to talk about multiplayer.

Click on the overhead map below if you'd like to see the full-resolution landscape texture.



And the cumulative bodycount: