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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 53: Silvermines - units

New Units - The Dark

Fetch Description:
Priestesses summoned from another world by Balor for their magical abilities. Disturbingly pround of their ability to singlehandedly decimate legions of veteran warriors, the Fetch wear the skins of the men they've electrocuted as trophy and warning.

The Fetch fires blasts of electricity from its withered fingertips.

Flavor texts:

"We know not whether Fetches wear the skins of men out of necessity or whim, but we do know they are not from our world and their arrogance is without equal among the minions of the Fallen."

"When first glimpsed, I thought it a devil; when it spoke, it spoke with the voice of an angel, but its true nature was masked by the louse infested skin it wore."