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by Johnny Law

Part 55: Multiplayer Intro - video

(For some reason the transcoding seems to be crappier than usual, except perhaps on Veoh, so if it really bugs you check an alternate host & remember that you can download the originals from Veoh and Viddler.)

I figured before we get to visiting some of the classic co-op missions in the campaign, and hopefully playing some multiplayer, I should describe Myth MP a little. In any case, multiplayer was a big deal for Myth, as much as the singleplayer campaign, and I should give it its due. Bungie was doing some pretty crazy stuff all the way back in 1997... it's clear why they're one of the leading MP developers these days.

Like the original Tutorial video, this is different from the campaign mission videos. It's probably a little too lecturey, and in the end I'm not sure if I'm mainly aiming it at new folks or nostalgic Myth vets, but I've already spent way too much time on it so I'm going to push it out the door. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming next time.

Part A: Matchmaking, game options, co-op, and the basics of competitive multiplayer.

Part B: About objective-based multiplayer modes.