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Myth: The Fallen Lords

by Johnny Law

Part 59: Extras for Shadow of the Mountain

Extras - Mission Images

Three unused pre-mission images this time. The first two illustrate the magical attack on Rabican's army; I'm less sure about the third, but I think it shows the flooding of Seven Gates.

The defeat screen features a trow posing with The Watcher's missing mitt:

Extras - Video

As I mentioned during the mission, I used to play Myth co-op games with my Clan Plaid mates. Some of them were pretty crazy about co-op in general and Shadow of the Mountain in particular; in fact one guy developed a special Myth plugin to increase the difficulty of co-op since Legendary was getting boring. The original version of this plugin was named "Nightmare", which was then updated as "Son of Nightmare". It jacks up the stats on the dark units, especially on dark dwarves and archers, and has other little tweaks like making the dark dwarves hold very few satchels so you can't torch their squads as easily. (Full details available for the curious.)

I mention all this because I came across an old Quicktime movie (9.6 MB) of some Plaiddies -- not including me -- attempting a "Son of Nightmare" run on Shadow of the Mountain. It's a video of a film replay at 2x speed, good camera work, no sound. Their approach is necessarily more adventurous than my hunker-down-on-the-hilltop strategy. Click on the stillframe below if you'd like to watch.