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Part 94: The Watcher - units

New Units - The Dark

The Watcher (petrified) Description:
There's no description for The Watcher in the manual. Here's a blurb about him from the GURPS Myth handbook, slightly edited. Not canon, but close enough for government work.

GURPS Myth posted:

A calculating and ancient archmage with a tendency to nurse musty grievances, the Watcher served Balor as well as did any Fallen Lord. His army kept moving forward despite the Deceiver's treachery. He then pursued Alric's ragtag forces with zeal even though he might have been tempted to seek out the Deceiver's corpse, for among his hundreds of hatreds he cherished none more than that he held for his old foe.

His poisoned mind led his contemporaries to consider him unhinged, even by the standards of a Fallen Lord. It also led to his greatest triumph, when he laid a trap that caught the great Mazzarin in the Wind Age. This earned a reputation as the second- or third-most powerful sorceror of his heyday.

As a necromancer first and foremost, he pursued the Unlife Dream with great vigor, but reportedly never found it.

Despite his prowess, the Watcher nearly died in a long-ago encounter with the Deceiver. At other times, miscalculated acts of vengeance often led him to seek sanctuary in the Dire Marshes or other remote stretches, to let things cool down and allow time to obsess over his next move. Eventually he found himself pinned in one of his remote hideaways beneath Cloudspine by the Confinement Dream till Balor freed him at the cost of an arm.

The Watcher was also called Bahl'al, mad goat of the fens. An arrow enchanted by Alric from the Fallen Lord's own bones proved his downfall.

Flavor text:

Imprisoned by Connacht during the Wind Age, The Watcher only escaped by tearing off his left arm at the elbow, like a wolf chewing through his leg to escape a snare.